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(Shumensko) #161

That’s not new. People have been screaming against the in-game shop from day 1.


I’m relieved that many do.
The 'dont want it don’t buy it’s phrase that is so casually thrown around on the forum everywhere is however provoking to me. I’m pretty sure the past 6 months of players voicing displeasure in many other games have had an effect.
And yeah the forums comes across as non-stop complaints, but what are forums for?? (I’ve no interest in wordgames,tmoggames,mountrating)

(Shogath) #163

Yeah they have… but that was not what that reply was about.


But you are able to get then via gold. So you dont really have any argument there

(Mortheria) #165

It was the CEO of EA last year don’t like it don’t buy it, he left 3 weeks later or fired.

(Uruk) #166

Can anything in WoW ever become a viable e-sport though? I don’t see MDI lasting long personally.

(Izila) #167

It’s still the same concept and it’s not like valve is short of money. I always liked the idea of the compendium and I don’t mind it in wow personally. Tbh right now feels like there would be less outrage if they had just added it to the shop instead of this.

I agree with a lot of the criticism that wow receives these days, but I think this is not that big a deal. It’s like when they added pets for charity and people got mad too.

I’ve seen many complaints from pro players about there almost being zero recognition from Blizzard besides a “gz method” tweet, if there is a chance this draws more spotlight to the endgame scene and the skill and dedication it takes to get to that level I’m all for it.

(Ariä) #168

I agree with the people which say how turning an MMO-RPG game into an e-sport one is an bad idea, because it turns it away from its core elements, the content starts to be made for the minority of the professional players and not majority of the WoW players which played the game and got used on its mechanics for years.

What dungeons has become in this game with the introduction of the mythic + where we have everything turned into adrenaline speed runs so that game stops to feel like an RPG, the constant imbalance of the classes/specalizations because some of them haven’t been built for such content from the start, the fact that people are finding ways how to skip a lot of content in them, the stress a lot of people have in them due to the timer and the toxicity which it breeds is nothing good for the game and its community as a whole on the long run and it ruined the dungeon experience for a lot of players. Instead of introducing e-sport elements into the game the WoW dev team should focus more on the original foundations on which this game was build upon, and add more RPG ones.


WOW esport, what a joke. Who will be the winner? The person who grind more azerite levels and get better gear by mindlessly doing repeatable quests and island expedistions???

If the really want to make wow arena a true e-sport they have to reduce any gear and stats impact on pvp. Upscale every character to max level 120 and give absolutly same stats for specific spec ignoring gear and azerite.

(Søssky) #170

It blows my mind how people just don’t care. What’s the point of paying for every expansion and a monthly sub if the rest of the game is just gonna start using an increasingly F2P based business model?

Even using free 2 play games as some sort of way to justify WoW, a game that is as far removed from free 2 play as it gets, to have the same systems implemented.

You’re right, one toy, one mount, one pet in isolation is not a big deal, except it’s not just one pet, one mount and one toy. It’s 10 mounts and 14 pets, all with exclusive no other way to obtain models in the game and we’re just gonna get more and more as time goes on.

Again, why am I paying for the most premium business model there is when the benefits of doing so are increasingly diminished? If I hear “access to the servers” one more time I will have a stroke.

Also the battle pass in dota is not even remotely comparable, 10 dollars for access to over 300 rewards versus a singular toy that’s probably gonna have at least a $9.99 pricetag.

(Izila) #171

I don’t care that much because it’s 10 mounts in a game that offers me over 400. None of the store mounts really appeal to me anyway. I just don’t buy them xd

The compendium doesn’t really work like that btw, simply buying the 10 base doesn’t really do much. You spend more and more to unlock rewards and the cosmetics are now sold for hundres of dollars.

(Razien) #172

Doesn’t mean its right. “It has been like this for a long time” is not a valid argument.

(Shogath) #173

Oh really? And how would you like to reorganize our society then? Maybe a dash more communisme here and there?

(Razien) #174

There’s really no need to be so passive-aggressive buddy, take a chill pill.

I’m just saying that it’s not right to hire someone and give them a 15 million bonus while their games are underperforming and while they’re forcing Blizzard to cut costs anywhere they can including through firing 100+ support staff.

Society is also not my concern. Activision Blizzard is, because i’m invested in their games.

(Shogath) #175

Like i said; maybe you’d like a dash more communism in your society. But for now, that is how it works.

The 15 million bonus isn’t the pile of money you make it out to be. Every sane company will cut costs at some point and asking 100+ people to leave with a years worth of salary isn’t quite the same as flatout firing them.

In this particular instance there’s also local circumstances that could easily be the reason. Meanwhile there’s still 5000+ other people working for Activision Blizzard. I’m sure they are all very happy with the misplaced indignation over nothing that could be jeopardizing their immediate future.

lol, the irony in that statement is through the roof. :man_facepalming:

(Razien) #176


How? Activision Blizzard is all of society now? Or because i’m invested in society? Because I couldn’t care less what goes on in say, the inner workings of the local supermarket.

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Few People going slightly off topic here, although I can see the relative points.
My points:
“As both Arena and MDI grow, we want to give fans a chance to further support the programs—and have some fun along the way! Soon we will introduce two new in-game toys to our shop (details to follow). A portion of the sale of these toys will contribute to the prize pools for both WoW esports programs.”

If you want people to support the esports in a financial way, open up a Go Fund Me program.
If you want to add content to the game that’s fun, do it in such a way it is available for all to acquire regardless of what aspect of the game they play.

Please think before any more future announcements, as antics like this alienate the community rather than draw us in.


Dota is FREE to play game…only income for Valve is from compedium / store items.

WoW is subswcribtion based mmo, that your have to BUY and then pay monthly.

Can you see that difference?

(Shogath) #179

I think you best stick to youtube for your ‘information’, along with the other pitchforks.


If you don’t want the pets, don’t buy them! :slight_smile: