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Hi guys anybody know how to unlock posting links or images on forum .
Thanking you in advance…

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You need to get a higher trust level, more about that can be found here: How to check your Trust Level

There’s various ways to increase it, such as creating your own threads, commenting, liking and getting likes. You can also post links to whatever site regardless of your trust level if you just have it inside code. You can do that from the top of the little posting window where there’s a bunch of options.

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The sticky thread at the top of the forum details it all

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you need “trust level 3” which is nuts. Read 20,000 posts if i’m remember right? Can never have been banned/suspended. And a whole heap of other stuff…


Yep you can lose levels easily :angel:


Damn it’s a lot of work but thanks guys for explain me everything :slight_smile:

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You certainly can! #forever trust 1


Or just put the link like this using the Preformatted text option

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20,000 posts in 100 days. That’s why I still don’t have my level 3.

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The no bans requirement is worse


Well there goes my chances of ever getting level 3 i got suspended 14 times :smiley: over some stupid petty stuff so dont even try be happy with level 2 its hard to get it because im sure at some point some triggered person might report you and suspension with it so your chances of ever getting level 3 trust level are gone

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