WoW Freehold 10K Gold/level run


** Freiza** 110 Demon Hunter

  • 10k per level with heirlooms
  • 20k per level without heirlooms
  • Heart of Azeroth level 48 Item Level 274
  • Gold only + Summons.
  • Accepting gold on most Medium/High/Full realms.
  • Average run time 4 minutes 15 seconds-4 minutes 45 seconds
  • Kitty#2609
  • Organizer of the ‘‘of 50’’ Mythic Antorus Runs a week Raids with 50 Skips.

If you want to know how high end i can be here’s my collection of characters twink wise of Full 110/111 Twinks that I’ve leveled and geared myself that’s between 250-275.

Every character in the guild is mine.
#Next level


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