Wow freezes when i make the chatwindow interactive

Hi there! Since the 20:th around 14:00 and forwards, whenever i make my chatwindow interactive, my game freezes for 15-30 seconds then it unfreezes. If i move my cursor back to the window it freezes again. I havent installed any new addons or made any changes to my settings. When it freezes , my PC’s fans ramps up alot during the durnation of the freeze. I have checked my drivers, they are up to date aswell. Any tips on what it could be?

These kind of things are usualy addon related. Although you have not installed new addons does not mean it isn’t an addon issue. Try disabling your addons and see if the issue still exists.

If the issue goes away without addons then make sure your addons are all up to date. If they are, then you will need to figure out which one is causing the issue.

Yeah im affraid its an addon, its weird it started so suddenly tho. I have tried to disable all and turning em on 1 by one, but everything is working as it should when i do, its like its reaching a treshhold of where 1 gets overloaded somehow. And its not that im running low on ram or gpu memory (32gig ram, 3070 as gpu, amd 5600x cpu) so its not that its bottlenecking somewhere.

Sounds like two or more addons are conflicting somehow. Sometimes their data can be corrupted or a recent game patch could cause them to have issues.

Might be worth installing some bug catching addons to see if they catch any errors. Judging by what you said i think something is producing a lot of errors which is why your getting the lag spikes on hovering the chat window.

Install both of these (they don’t use much memory) and then with all your addons enabled, hover over your chat to see if it catches any errors.

Buggrabber kinda solved it for me, since i could see what was causing the most errors, in my case it was an old Rested XP guides wich was having a blast with errors. Removed it and game is back to normal!

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