Wow Gaming Place for working people

Hello fellow gamers, have you found your selfs trawling through the forums looking for that one place that allows for the working person like you and me, sure those days of logging on at 18:00 st were fun but come of the days where you finally look at these posts and go i just cannot commit to these times i work i have a family etc, life has finally caught up with me and i know also as i cant justify the latest pc parts lol
well id like to know how many of you are out there still and still believe in this game with people like us, who just cannot put that time in we once did, id like a place where we all can log in when possible, nit be penalised for being absent. With the possibility of even a raid one day a week?, now im talking about a time where it will suit us i want people to be become a member and log on whenever you get chance, do some m+ or something else?
All this can be worked out i dont want any im a leader your do this and that crap, all i want is all of you to be an adult and mature, understand this premium game time, everything else we can work on and build toghether,im only putting this out there as i finally find myself in this situation and think there has to be people out there thinking like this, we must still exist the pull of the game i enjoy to much especially with people we can get along with, life is to short lets enjoy the game time we have these days.

Now im not looking at starting a guild i think for this point its a community, with cross realm guilds coming this may form otherwise but lets see how things pan out.
Please bear with me if you message me as i drive all day and cannot reply to you all the time.

I hope this has reached to you fellow people who know where im coming from, i cant promise ill always be about but thats the point in this, but lets make the best of the game time we have.

Please get in touch

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