WoW Hotfixes - Updated 23 January

U hit DH way too hard, its going back to SL state (useless), just souldrend nerf would have been enough… whats up with feral buff? its literaly most OP spec ingame together with assa??

I mean outlaw and fury were OP for like 3 seasons in SL u did nothing, demo lock is lowkey OP since start of SL up to now, u wont do anything, but if DH is OP then u nerf it 4 patches in a row, head to toe?

Also this PvP nerfing only is horrendous, u’re literaly making me keep notes of all this nerfed abilitties n talents in order to change specs in future, cuz who can memorize allthese nerfs? for example essence break now does reduceed dmg only in pvp, and its dmg bonus on BD/CS is also nerfed by some random amount only in pvp. terrible way of doing things.

Evoker buffs? Are you kidding?

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I know how the pitch meeting went when they named this dungeon. Something along the line of:
Manager: we need to think a name for this dungeon. What do you think?
Developer: ah man, this dungeon is no good.
Team leader: no kood?
Manager: Nokhud! I like the sound of that! Let it be the bane of every player in the entire game.

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

January 11, 2023


  • Rebalanced Dragonrider’s Cultivation, increasing the amount to 400% (from 10%) and reducing the duration to 3 sec (from 10 sec). This should provide more of a bonus for those that like to gather on the go.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Halls of Valor
    • Adjusted the visual of Sanctify cast by Hyrja in Halls of Valor.
  • Mythic+
    • Azure Vaults
      • Fixed an issue where being hit with Thundering while on the translocation path would cause you to repeat the path.
    • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
      • Ner’zhul
        • Fixed an issue causing Ritual of Bones to regenerate health during combat.
    • Temple of the Jade Serpent
      • Wise Mari
        • Wise Mari will now die immediately and grant players credit for the encounter upon defeat.
      • Lorewalker Stonestep
        • Intensity damage decreased 40%.
        • Agony damage decreased by 40%.
        • Fixed an issue causing the healing bonus from Feeling of Superiority to increase per stack Fixed an issue causing Feeling of Superiority to be able to spread to multiple targets.
          • Developers’ note: We are lowering the damage output of Peril and Strife to account for fixing a bug that was causing the healing increase of Feeling of Superiority to increase per stack.

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue with the Hood of Surging Time where the Haste given would be lower than intended if the player’s pet attacked the new target first.

You forgot: "Replaced all Disturbed Dirt Piles and Expedition Scout Packs with Tuskarr Tackleboxes and spawn them all at once with the next restart.

Seriously, what just happened?
Oh, and it did NOT fix the “phasing while doing a rare so it disappears” glitch that keeps happening since some days, had it happen like 10 min. after restart.

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As someone who is Dragonscale Expedition Renown 24 this was fun yesterday…

Could we please also change her ‘auto-attack’ to do physical damage rather than magical damage, so that tanks that don’t perform well against magical damage got a decent shot at this dungeon?

Thank you for dragon riding change! QoL is so much better now.

Wow I’m very sad about not seeing any prot warrior buffs. Why not? You should buff prot warriors because i saw some prot warrior streamers who took %1 damage at 20+ mythic keys which is not acceptable. By the way I’m losing %60 of my hp while approaching to a small group of mobs in some 10+ keys with my guardian druid. It’s ok I could lose %100 of my hp too I thank to God for that.

I dont think the change is good as it does not work while flying. You need to be stationary for the 3 seconds after gathering. Nobody does that.

And they were half-naked. Prot Warrior should do that without any piece of gear equipped.

The whole three seconds. So much time. I don’t even know what to do in that time. Maybe summon the dragon? Or start moving somewhere. Huge amount of time is lost.

Hello everyone! Here are today’s hotfixes:

JANUARY 13, 2023

Dungeons and Raids

  • Ruby Life Pools
    • Fixed an issue where Storm Warrior’s Thunderclap was increasing Haste instead of decreasing Haste as the tooltip states.

Player versus Player

  • Battlegrounds
    • Evoker’s Time Stop can no longer be used to drop Orbs of Power in Temple of Kotmogu, or flags in Warsong Gulch or Twin Peaks.

You gather from the dragon. You finish gathering and jump in the air. It only works while stationary. Do You even farm?

I hope for more bigger firemamage buffs. This is the first expansion where i can’t keep up with any other spec or class in mythic plus. I hate to be flamed by other players about my dps and i nearly break my fingers to hold all on cd what i have.

Also my dps is not enough to get about m13 so i cant progress anymore.

You may want to hotfix this

Gurgthock not working again. Would you be so kind and kick this lazy goblin to nuts so he starts doing his job.
Thank you

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

January 17, 2023

Dungeons and Raids

  • Vault of the Incarnates
    • Fixed an issue where the damage zone visual for Stonebreaking Leap from Quarry Stonebreakers sometimes did not match the actual damage location.
  • Mythic+
    • Algeth’ar Academy
      • Overgrown Ancient
        • Explosive Affix - Hungry Lashers no longer spawn Explosive Orbs.
    • Azure Vaults
      • Arcane Fury’s Piercing Shards impact damage reduced by 30%.
      • Unstable Curator’s Forbidden Knowledge cooldown increased.
      • Arcane Construct health reduced by 25%.
      • Crystal Thrasher no longer use Splintering Shards.
      • Nullmagic Hornswog health reduced by 15%.
      • Telash Greywing
        • Telash Greywing health reduced by 10%
        • There is now a 2 second delay before players take damage from Frozen Ground after Frost Bomb.
      • Umbrelskul
        • Umbrelskul’s health reduced by 15%.
        • Oppressive Miasma now reduces movement speed by 6% per stack (was 7%).
    • Ruby Life Pools
      • Reduced the damage of Primalist Cindweaever’s Cinderbolt by 50%.
      • Reduced the periodic damage of Thunderhead’s Rolling Thunder by 30%.
      • Reduced the damage of Flamegullet’s Molten Blood by 25%.
      • Reduced the periodic damage of Blazebound Destroyer’s Inferno by 25%.
      • Melidrussa Chillworn
        • Explosive Affix - Infused Whelps no longer spawn Explosive Orbs.
      • Kokia Blazehoof
        • Increased the cast time of Blazebound Firestorm’s Roaring Blaze to 3 seconds (was 2 seconds).
      • Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein
        • Reduced the periodic damage of Kyrakka’s Inferno Core by 20%.
        • Reduced the damage of Erkhart Stormvein’s Interrupting Cloudburst by 30%.


  • Lunar Festival now starts on 1/24 to allow for new Elders to search out on the Dragon Isles.