WoW in VR?

Thinking about the acquisition by MS, made me wonder. VR gaming is finally on the rise with headsets that don’t cost the earth or give most people motion sickness and many see this as a big part of the future of gaming.

Makes me wonder if MS went looking for some big IP’s that would have instant appeal if they were available as VR environments. Certainly Azeroth is one of, if not the largest online world in terms of development and depth. If they are thinking of going after that market in the long term, WoW as a VR game would certainly be a very large carrot to dangle.

Obviously this would mean a complete rework of the game, but in a sense that is long overdue and it won’t happen for a couple of years anyway since the next expac must be pretty well fleshed out by now. We will see.

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it would be interesting, too bad i dont own a vr headset because those things are too pricy. But i doubt a vr mmo would happen. Like most vr games walking around would have to be done differently than currently because you cant exactly use your keyboard and mouse while in vr. And all the spell effects would also have to be toned down.

Perhaps this will happen once vr headsets are more affordable and popular. Otherwise i doubt it will ever happen

Let’s face it, most of us would just spend our time in goldshire.

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I remember Nvidia had that whole 3D option going on years ago, which was also available for WoW.
It didn’t seem to take off very much, because as pretty and immersive as WoW is, then the gameplay is very oriented around mechanics and screen information. A raid encounter is more like reading an excel sheet whilst playing piano than it is a deeply engaging roleplaying experience.
And VR is probably quite the same. More a distraction for the gameplay than an enhancement for the immersion.

I mean, Blizzard are gameplay first. Not immersion or simulation first. It’s gameplay.

Played a bit back then in 3D. Was not really nice looking in WoW.
In GW2 it looked great.

Swifty did it years ago.

Everyone else is merely catching up.

came here to say this

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