WoW Killing my Bandwidth


I have a massive issue with WoW absolutely destroying my Bandwidth outside of WoW. Having a 400MB Download/ 12 MB Upload cable connection, which works perfectly fine unless I have WoW running. It turns into a 50MB Down / 200KB!!! Up connection, which is insane. WoW Itself is not affected in any way the connection is stable at 30-35 MS at all times.

No Background Apps are running besides the Blizzard App, which when I set it up to close when WoW is running, will lead to regular disconnects in WoW and the Bandwidth issue remains anyway.

I have tried disabling all Add-Ons, it had no effect on the issue.
The only option left is completely reinstalling the game and launcher, which I am doing right now.
I have disabled all automatic update and download options in the Blizzard App. And checked the Box for pausing Updates when a game is running.
No limit set for Bandwidth.
I’m getting really frustrated over the Issue since I’ve already spent hours trying to troubleshoot this behaviour.


Reinstalled WoW with same addon same settings, problem gone so far.

After one day of everything being fine, the Problem is back at full effectivity.

This sounds more like either your router or a piece of software doing some bandwidth management, such as trying to enforce Quality of Service (QoS) settings when the game is detected as running, as the game doesn’t have any control over network settings.

To rule out software influence, you can try the steps outlined here - - but if that doesn’t help, it’d be worth reaching out to your router provider to see if there are any QoS settings enabled in it.