WoW not responding

I have got this 3 times now, started this afternoon, screen freezes, sounds carry on, I think, had to close the game, on another instance it came back after a while (but I was dead on a +15…).

Check events for graphix issues or try updating video drivers. I occaisionally get a black screen for a minute and find its a video driver crash. Usually coincides with an update in game breaking things.

Oh and if you use Nvidea try nvcleanstall from TechPowerUp its a much cleaner install than Nvidea and you can leave out the bloat.

Thank you, I will try to download new Nvidia drivers, see how it goes.

When or if microsoft is taken over, you will get a chat bot as highest. Have you tryed reaching help of a microsoft product?

You realise it’ll still be blizzard just owned by Microsoft not activision

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