Wow now lacks a sense of achievement

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Progression feels meaningless. It doesn’t really enable me to do anything that I haven’t done already. All it enables is scaling the numbers up, which is only interesting if you’re in it for the challenge itself i.e. you’re competitive to some degree.

If you want to explore Azeroth, that’s over in a couple of weeks, and then you’ve got nothing but boredom. That’s why the game explodes in popularity with every patch and then falls off a cliff about a month later. That’s why Blizzard gives us mounts for being subbed for 6 months at a time.

The truth is that, because of all the accessibility and easy-mode stuff going on, the game DOES NOT cater to casuals, ironically. It just unloads everything in weeks and then it runs out of steam.


Druid heals :
Hey , where can I get this infinite resources , asking for a friend


Innervate, ephermal recovery, lively spirit, lucid dreams & overcharge mana

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It almost sounds right, but you forgot that today it is also hidden behind layers of rng. Back then it was simple, straightforward farm to get your target.

Today? You farm to have a chance of getting your target, on top of chance of it titanforging on top of it having a chance to socket and so on.

Not only that, back then you had two ways of obtaining gear Quest/Boss or Profession. And I am not talking about endgame, I am talking about game. Back then the whole experience from 1 to 60/70/80 was THE GAME.
Nowadays it’s just useless chore before “Real” game which is endgame.

And it’s sad, since all that really matter today is m+. Raids are just for those who enjoy them, but whole rest of a game is all about m+.


Dear blizz
-Bring back tier sets
-Remove titanforging
-Nerf emissary rewards(up to lfr ilvl)
-Add account-wide currency gathered from raid+dungeons which u could use to buy catch up gear for alts and for ppl who go back to game(10-5 ilvl lower then normal raid drops)
-bring back proving ground before allowing ppl to join m+ pug
-stop adding so many mounts
-bring back pvp resilience stat and add pvp sets with 2p and 4p effects
And im happy ;p


And 10 years ago people made posts exactly like this.

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I can’t say for Classic and TBC but Wrath the game was level 80.

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About those infinite resources…I have a druid, at which I’m on a beginner level, just healed my first 10 in time yesterday and honestly I ran almost oom on every boss fight. I was literally opening alchemy tab and searching frantically for the mana potion recipe during boss fights.

Innervate is nice but i use innervate as a spell power buff rather than a mana tool, mid fight when mana still isn’t an issue and heavy hitting boss abilities need to be healed.

Overcharge mana from the essence actually freezes your mana regen for 8-10 sec on a 30 sec CD which I use every time off cd, so even less mana.

So if anyone finds these infinite resources, please point them in my direction, thanks.

(Tèsla) #30

15 years… You downed Gods, Bosses, Demons, Crusaders, Shapeshifting things, People not prepared, people who suffered setback, not ruling forever kings, armored dragons, fluffy panda, Titans, Betrayers, People who never forgot and never forgive, Undead demons, Ppl who stares aty the stars…
Ofc the sense of accomplishing is around 0. Is normal.


I hope that if classic becomes sucessful it would impact how retail looks like. Overall content wide retail is amazing, new zones, visuals and lore is all great. Its mostly mechanics, rewardless boring gameplay and useless outdated content is what makes me sad.

What do you think if Blizz opened hardcore servers ?

  • lvl hard cap at lets say 60 (after lvlsquish)
  • every post vanila zone is scaled to 60, also some of the vanila end game dungs and raids are scaled to 60.
  • ur eq is looteable if killed
  • comeback of honorable and unhonorable kills
  • every zone has pathfinder
  • some of qol features gets reworked to be less braindead
  • ur acc is going to be 100% fresh, no collectables etc

… and many more

Will you play it ?


Well I played the beta for about 30 mins and remember how rubbish and unpolished a game classic was. BUT that is just my opinion and I want to make clear that I claim this to be a general truth, just my perspective. Back then I loved it and I want those memorys I have to stay as they are ^^
Concerning goals, yes the forging stuff made things different, I stopped bothering to be honest so I the game became alot more enjoyable to me again. But then again I am not a highend raider so min/maxing is not a real requirement.
Concerning forging going away and having caps to itemlevel, I personally don’t care, however I am pretty sure the complaints would just change from “i hate forging” to “damn my gear was maxed in 2 weeks now I got nothing to do”.

Classic is going to be interesting for one point: IF people down all the content within those estimated magic ~11 days some people seem to have put around somewhere all it will prove is that classic wasn’t all that hard but we all simply sucked xD
More and more I think classic will be a brilliant addition to Blizzards games, it will enable all the people that feel “things were better back then” to play “back then” and everyone else can live with the changed version of the game. If we are lucky a thing or two from back then even improve todays WoW :slight_smile:

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I feel the same tbh.

Everything that made (OPINION ALERT) raids desirable for me is gone:

  • exclusivity - everyone and their mothers can say “I downed Azshara”
  • identity - strongly tied to exclusivity, 4 difficulties work as horcruxes spliting the “soul” of the raid in 4
  • transmogs - from 3 different sets (pally, warrior, dk) I can get only 1 which is ugly
  • 10man mode - I prefer smaller groups where everyone can talk without causing chaos, 20-25 mans is where only few people talk and it’s easy to go into chaos phase when everyone wants to say something
  • elements of surprise - there were no arrows, circles, swirlies and 10 seconds cast times, now it’s like “HAHHAHA YOU FOOL, I’M GOING TO CAST THAT FIREBALL ON THE DRUID AND… no no, I mean the druid on the second row… no, the boomy, yes, you, I’m going to aim slightly to your left, yes yes, here… so where was I… ah yes… MUAHAHA YOU’LL DIE!!!-- M-MASAKA! How did you dodge that!?”

Raids are now just playtime-to-warcraftlogs-converter, nothing more.


Yeah I know, I don’t really have anybody to game with atm


No way in hell

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There will still only be a very small percentage of the player base that can say I downed Mythic Azshara while it was the current raid.

I like that everyone gets to have a go at raiding and it’s not just a minority interest. But we are all different.

I miss tier so much :sob:

My most fond memories are of ten man raiding. A small close knit team. Also it was so much more pleasant over voice comms with less people. Mythic raiding with 20 and Hc/Nm up to 30 is so damn loud, gives me a headache.

I think raid mechancs are far more complicated now than when the game started. But I do get your point :laughing:

(Verdill) #37

Personally, I don’t feel like it’s something different, but that’s my taste :smiley:

I don’t mean to make all raids on mythic difficulty, rather make 2-3 raids per tier with one specific difficulty. Two xpacs I liked the most were xpac where I didn’t kill last boss (TBC and WotLK). It’s kinda hard to explain. If one raid has more than 1 difficulty I don’t feel like “I’m going on an adventure”, it’s more like “I transfer my GameObject to BFA_RAID_NO_04_MM”. Most people doesn’t share my view so I keep my opinion for myself, but I would like to go back to Raid A is easy raid, Raid B is medium raid, Raid C is hard raid.

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Would love to see some true elites make a return. And quests that require teamwork.
I would also love to see CCs make a return as something that is a great help in gameplay.

Challenge and versitility in classes should make a return.


true elites - yes.
rare spawn rares - no, pls

(Nëstor) #40

Agreed there… Heh


Missing the ground shivering, and the scary moment where you hear a FelReaver behind you… are we?
I loved that… for some reason haha