Wow now lacks a sense of achievement


10 years ago there were so many things in this game that got me excited. Downing a boss for the first time, getting a BIS piece of gear, or a weapon upgrade, finishing a long grind with a cool reward ect.

It feels to me like over the past decade blizzard has tried to increase the frequency of those feel good achievement moments to the point that they no longer feel like achievements.

Right now killing a boss does not feel like much of an achievment, because most average guilds down a boss every week or 2 or so for the length of the patch. When you do get the kills there much less rewarding because you never feel like you mastered a fight, Just either out geared it, or didn’t fail it badly enough to wipe. This is partly because most bosses today have a gazillion mechanics, that all deal moderate to light damage should you fail them. This is because to do fights like this perfectly would require world first raiders with weeks of practice on a fight. So instead of having a few simple mechanics one can master to kill a boss, you have modern fights with tons of mechanics, where you only need to reduce the fail damage to the point your healers can keep you up across the fight. Killing a boss when most players in your guild got hit by 2 or 3 different mechanics does not feel as good.

Gear comes so quickly now at the start of a patch it doesn’t feel very rewarding, and when you do get those few upgrades later in the patch there often war forges, or gems upgrades which again don’t feel great.

I honestly think the last thing i got excited about in wow, was when a legendary dropped in legion. For me that is quite sad.

I am aware if your in an average mythic guild that raids 3 or 4 nights a week, you can still get this sense of achievment. just it used to be available to lower level raiders as well.


Wait for Classic :love_you_gesture:

(Henoriel) #3

And is still the case nowadays, so idk what you’r talking about. I’d rather compare old normal to nowadays heroic, and both end up accessible to the average player with time.

At least nowadays WoW has MM+, which is yet another source of “sense of achievement” you seem to have neglected.

(Lepanto) #4

Each to its own. My most active time was during Wotlk. At the time progress was 25 mans or nothing.

Currently there’s a few more alleys to progress, and personally In enjoying them.

(Henoriel) #5

Well back then once you got normal gear you’d start farming heroic bosses until you geared up enough to down them all, that’s the “sense of achievement” the OP seems to be referring to : you’d keep on trying until you get it.

Nowadays there are so many ways to get it done, not just a constant and tedious farming of the same thing until you get enough of what you want before you can move on, so you can leave it then come back later, and to me that’s a good thing because it provides more options to attain a goal.

(NĂ«stor) #6

Would be real nice if they did something to the main game as well. Make it a bit more challenging. :slight_smile:

Because I’d rather play the retail version than start a new character at a game I have played to death earlier.

(Someoneelse) #7

Maybe because you’ve been doing it for ten years.

WoW’s progression hasn’t changed that much in 10 years.


Indeed Nestor.
I remember a quest in red ridge mountains that is to kill some very tough elite orcs who have moved in. This quest used to be near undoable unless you grouped up with friends or random players. I met some friends there that i had for a very long time. Only I remain playing.
Then for some reason they made the orcs normal and it is now soloable.
Im sure other elite mobs also got nerfed and players no longer need to group up to complete that quest.
I conclude that they would do well to revert back and make these levelling quests the way they were so we cant do it alone, it shouldnt be through group finder either. just plain old asking other players if they would like to group…


And back when this was current content people were annoyed by being forced to group for some “random” outdoor quest. Blizz will never be able to meet everyones expectations.

@Op: As others said maybe it’s just that you’ve been doing it for too long. Back when WoW was new our brains were not yet trained on those little doses of success, so we got way more exited by little things. Nowadays our brains are at best addicted to those successes without rewarding us with the same feeling.
I am really looking forward to see if people really find what they are looking for in Classic (honest interest on my end :)).

(Ssten) #10

That is simply not true. I thought the same untill i played the classic beta. Game was very different back then. You had a certain goal that you could actually reach. You could actually finish the game for a while by obtaining the best gear.

With titanforge and carrot at the end of the stick content we got right now you can never ever feel you beat the game.

Titan and war forge need to go and mythic + should get a cap.


There’s the answer ^^


Obviously you must approach to Classic without the BfA habits. Classic seems to me more old farter nostalgics related.

(Karanze) #13

Gotta be honest mate, I think that’s just a matter of perspective.

If you’ve downed raid bosses for 10+ years, downing another one probably doesn’t feel that great.


Everything that was written is 100% true.


What a contradictory statement.

I think what you’re getting at is that the 4 tiers of raiding are kind of killing the desire to kill things on mythic because you feel like you’ve done this fight already. I do get that. But at the same time, TBC or Wrath raids were not for the faint of heart, and many players never got to set foot in them. There’s probably one too many tiers, but it wasn’t a terrible idea to make story-mode raids accessible to all comers.

If you want to feel accomplished, raid mythic. Or just progress through normal to heroic with your guild of clueless nobodies and somehow make it work. You will hit a wall sooner or later, and there is a proper sense of achievement when you actually break through it.


Yes it would. But it cant. With 4 difficulty levels and LFR tou can harsdly get excites about any kills.


But has changes alot since 11. Current game isnt exciting becouse game is old but becouse of horrible game desing.

(Someoneelse) #18

No one’s expected to Start with LFR and then end up in Mythic. You can by pass LFR and normal with World loot and a bit of luck.

Any mythic guild would dip their toes in heroic but spend most of their time in Mythic progressing.

It hasn’t, Wrath introduced multiple difficulties, and Cata introduced LFR, eight years ago, the only major difference is scaling of the lower difficulties.


Back then everybody had to min/max their resources too. Tanks had to manage their rage and/or Aggro. Healers had to be goo managing their mana. Dps had to hold back till the right time so they wouldn’t be stuck auto attacking at the wrong time. When everybody magically got it all to work together and you downed that boss… Wooo a feeling!

Today everybody has infinite resources, and those healers who have slight mana issues are supported by healers with infinite mana. No one have a down time, and only time tank has to manage aggro is when they need to swap. It’s more of a danceparty now.
Also there’s the fact that you will never reach that part where you are done. You don’t get to cross that line, because there’s always the titanforge… or the socketed, or the essence… or the one better than that essence. Not even in PvP, you have to go through that same mill of striving to keep updated on gear, to even have a chance in PvP.

Some people like this, I guess. I also guess it depends on when you started to play the game.
Most of the “sense of no completion” became a thing because people zoomed too fast through WoD and had nothing to do, and everybody complained about content dought. So Blizzard changed the way things work, but IMO, they overdid it in BFA

(Someoneelse) #21

You’re doing content that’s too easy for you.