WoW Remix Tuning and Adjustments -- 20 May

We’re making a number of changes to address issues players have been reporting with scaling and improve the overall Remix experience by improving the viability of all content for earning additional experience, bronze, and gear. The following updates have already been made to all realms via hotfix:

  • Enemy power scaling, particularly in group content, has been adjusted to be less aggressive. This is particularly applicable in the player level 40 - 70 range, before players have been able to power up their cloak, upgrade their gems, and increase their item level.
  • Gear drop rates have been improved from world rares, rare elites, and quests. This will help players who have had their item levels fall behind as leveling speed increases, especially at higher levels when cloak bonus experience is powered up.
    • This will also increase player Bronze and appearance acquisition by increasing the number of items to place into the Unraveling Sands for additional Bronze.
  • The first time bonus for queueing each LFR wing will grant a Thread of Experience in addition to the existing Lesser Bronze Cache.
    • This should improve LFR as a viable choice for leveling main characters and alts, without players feeling like they need to grind the same LFR wing repeatedly.
  • We have added bonus experience to each boss in normal dungeons and scenarios so they are a viable alternative to questing. Bonus experience has also been adding to the last boss of Heroic Scenarios. Heroic dungeon bosses will continue to drop bonus experience.
  • We’ve increased the number of prismatic gems dropped from bosses in normal and heroic scenarios and dungeons.
    • The increased stamina offered by Legendary Prismatic gems boosts player survivability considerably.
  • We have increased the Bronze granted from all qualities of Bronze Caches by 25%.
    • These caches are available from a wide variety of sources, both solo and group. This includes the Minor Bronze Cache, Lesser Bronze Cache, Bronze Cache, and Greater Bronze Cache.

There are more hotfixes on the way, and as always, we’ll detail all of them in our next hotfixes update.



  1. Ordos cloak requirement is STILL LIVE… (no cloak , no achivement no BOSS)
  2. To the Skies! Scenario from isle of thunder IS BUGGGG
  3. Healer’s Threat on world trash is broken …
  4. Level 70 Scailing in Raid / Scenarios / Dungeons IS OVERPOWERD … realy ? need to be 500 ilvl to do something ?

No Fun and No player interest


What a joke.

“Overpowered? Not anymore, because we nerfed the frog farm in a fun mode. Fun? We detected it and got rid of it.”

There needs to be a viable way of gathering power or else “froggers” will dictate this mode.


yah… but i play’d normaly … and others farm frogs… the diference of Bronze who will give it to us or removeit from them ?


Beyond pathetic. We already know about the 25% and it’s laughable.
Frog farmers were able to farm MONTHS worth of bronze/threads and item power.
How is the 25%, that you felt needed to TRIPPLE announce this, like you’re so proud of it, going to counter that.
In fact the ONLY people who BENEFIT from this change are the same frog farmers, cause people already did most of the FoS.
What about heroic raid bosses having BILLIONS of hp?
What about bronze rates being MUCH lower than promised? The bald dude said 30k for hc SoO, while Method got 14k for MYTHIC.
What about gear upgrades costing 500k+ bronze AFTER you said it’s cheap and easy?


Doing the solo scenario “A dagger in the dark” for the quest is incredibly overtuned. The elite mobs shred cloth characters at level 70. The only way to complete it is to hard cheese mechanics/mobs. But any fudge up instantly kills you resetting the mobs.


most of the scenarios solo are still unplayable, FIX THEM.


No frogs?

No 1:1 cloak stats for alts?

I doubt Blizzard will reach the expected subscription count for the 3 months the event is active.

Grinding is not fun. Allow us to complete the content in 50-100 hours of gameplay. Time is precious.


love how they conveniently forgot to mention frogs don’t drop charms anymore.


Why would you release a timed event that has more grind aspect to it than Azerite Power back in BfA.

With other releases like Cata and etc coming up? It’s a massive joke remix.


Dear Blizzard, thank you for being so respectful of our time & money after all these years.

Exploit early, exploit often.


They will not adjust the bronze acquisition any further or revert the frog farm. They still have to sell their juciy boosts in the upcoming year and have a nice engagement metrics ready.

You can also bet that the rewards will enter the trading post/shop. It is financially in their interest to make it not easy.


Okay , i did 90% of the zones and bronze rewarding achieves. Who is giving me the difference ?


An Alt character ;D

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Frog farmers likly got more in a day or 2 then vast majority will get playing evry day for full 3months.
Seen of people having like evrything to absolute max ilvl


what are you doing about the people that could farm frogs and have god mode now?
will you make a cap for the cloak? will there be other ways to get that strong in a cuple of days? will everyone else stay minions among the gods? any plans? because atm it’s super demotivating.


Acknowleding frog nerf would be admitting they messed up really badly, and annoy people who missed out due not knowing




Defenitly NOT.

And Yes


Itsy bitsy baby steps… But for real, do something about the frog farm exploiters that are dominating the game.
We need WAY more bronze and power buffs from other sources to be able to catch up and get to an ‘acceptable’ level of playing this mode, it’s dungeons/scenarios/raids and all.
Playing the game normally won’t ever get you most of the rewards nor get your gear upgraded before the event is over.


Its part of the event you become godlike over time, some people got there early stopbeing so obsessed with numbers. They kust nerfed the content so it should be easier for those who missed out on the frogs. Just do your normal raids, quests, achievements, level more toons, etc you will get your bronze.

Stop thinking about mop remix like you play retail, it’s not about your numbers and spreadsheets and min max. Play and earn easy

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