WoW seems to be using Amazon AWS now

I noticed that IP addresses from Amazon’s pool are popping up for world servers now, roughly since a couple days ago.

Discuss. :smirk:

Well Amazon AWS is quite good and stable, and they offer a lot services, as long as you have the cash to sustain it all its a very reliable choice.

What’s to discuss? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What is your opinion about it OP?

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even cheaper potato servers or an upgrade?

How do you even notice something like that? :open_mouth:

And your point is? Sorry what exactly you alluding at when companies probably have to do this due to the extra strain on the internet due to heavier useage because people in a lot of countries are on lockdown and the internet is under much more pressure.

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An online game is using service providers?


Well considering servers haven’t been the best recently, the fact they’re currently hosting them with AWS should improve server stability, since as I said AWS provide good service so long as you can afford it.

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Who runs their own servers nowadays, anyway?

I have an IP filter. AWS is a pain with that because server IP addresses are not fixed but change a lot. Suddenly the IP pool for a particular service becomes the one of a giant global corporation.

What?! I thought Blizz rolled out all the infrastructure themselves… I am super surprised! :scream:


Dunno. I worked on AWS for some time. It was slow af.

Isn’t infrastructure rolled just like grass on a stadium?

Awh lawrd!

Grass?! :roll_eyes:

It’s a series of tubes.

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