WoW Shadowlands lvl squish

Why the lvl squish!? Can’t they just make the max lvl 130 and get abillites from 120-130!? It’s even easier for them! I already made a rant about it in my horde guild and i REALLY want it changed. Please listen to me Blizzard, i beg you. If any game masters read this, can you tell me anything about it? Maybe i’ve got it all wrong and don’t understand, but not sure though

What’s your problem with the squish, really?

They already explained the whys during interviews at and after Blizzcon. Wowhead should have a nice summary too. Like here:

(It won’t get changed. Level squish is good.)

It’s weird, but its not good for everyone. Not me, anyway. If you have a horde in the guild “Last of the Mo Edens” , you’d hear my rant.

Only reason it bothers me is that it gives the game more of a classic taste

with bringing old abillities + scaling to 60 it just comes off as they are trying to make retail more classic like

Yeah, but I’m not in that guild. I fail to see how it wouldn’t be good. Or at worst, neutral.

The only thing you’re losing with the squish is a number that didn’t really mean anything to begin with.

Well, the part that bothers me is the levelling. It’s gonna be eaiser or harder, but its perfect right now.

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