Wow should Ret Con Shadowlands

Just pretend Dragonflight left on from BFA…

Shadowlands really f**d the lore up


I have been saying this for quite a while . But it should not be just Shadowlands . Everything After BFA . After this WoW 2 should begin .

How ?

The game ended with the fight with N’zoth . We got mind controlled and have bene living in his dream world . One day while mining Azerithe , we accidently uncover and activate a Lost Tian Devise , which brakes N’zoths mind control on us .
We wake up in a world full of tentacles , mind slaves and unimaginable horrors and try to peace back Azeroth and save it’s people , while desperately trying not to go insane .

Now , is that not a great set up for WoW 2 ? We get to bin all this together , Disney friendliness and what not , and get to some real on the ground hardcore story .


They should just retcon the entire Danuser era.


Why? So you can pretend the Titans are still your sugar daddy, dragon therapy as legit story and the Horde being screwed over as default sttaus? No Shadowlands was amazing and we ened more of it. I want to worship gods like the First Ones who don’t play favorites with the titanforged races.


The entire game’s story needs a retcon and a maintenance run to polish it out.

Sylvanas story and the Shadowlands is just the most obvious thing, not to mention the lore being split between books, short stories and the game.

So… basically, we unflexible people, looking for the good old days, want Classic+ as a story concept, I guess?

Idk, maybe, maybe just a bit better lore management. For instance regarding Sylvanas most obvious one was the Jailer deal retcon that it happened during her fall from Icecrown and the novela where she attacks Teldrassil which is completely ignored.

I mean sure they didn’t know what they would do and/or want to keep it a secret but it should still be better done. Maybe a quest intro when they plan the attack so the player is in the loop, a sort monologue etc (I don’t remember seeing it if it was there so my point might be moot).

Also war crimes novel should have been in game as a questline intro to WoD.

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Retroactively? Not really possible. And if we start retconning stuff, any point you choose to start with the retcons is pretty random. TBC had tons of strange lore decisions that changed the tone and the genre of the game, and ruined quite a lot of beloved characters by making them one-dimensional raid fodder, for example. They never really had a plan. But we were younger, their competition was even worse, and they were much better at following the “rule of cool” that made nerd stuff like consistency matter less.

I certainly don’t disagree that Shadowlands was above average in its stupidity. Which was especially bad, because it not only had to justify itself, but also BfA, which had already turned many players off with its gameplay and its story. Now Shadowlands came and explained why BfA happened and… it was insultingly ridiculous, and excrciatingly slow to boot. But it is the story we got. It’s no easier to retcon now than TBC would be. And stuff like Anduin in the WW trailer, and Malfurion in Df already doubled down on it.

It’s possible but not important enough to do it. They can always redo the quests and change the lore while saying “We are changing this to make more sense” etc. Will they do it and invest effort and money? nah.

Also wasn’t Illidan retconned to imprisioned from being dead which shows they can do it to fit the narrative.

Or alternative, Sylvanas does the orpheus and drag us out like Neo and afterwards critizize us for falling so deep for it as a champion.
This would also explains why in the Three Sisters comics the voices tell Alleria that she is the enemy because Sylvanas and maybe even some of her forsaken are immun to old void corruption.

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Damage has been done on plethora of lore aspects already. Storytelling is on Disney Junior level. PEGI 6 for God’s sake.

And we are talking about game that is based of events like burning and entire city to prevent Zombie Apocalypse, Destroying another city to raise an unholy Lich, destroying a third city by building a sand castle version of it and then stomping it.

A Lore full of misunderstanding between people that lead to conflicts and deaths of many in the process. A Lore where some creatures are evil by nature and no deep dive explanation about their psyche and goals is needed. Just enough to know that they need to be stopped.

Lore full of races so different from one another, with cultures where some are close to ours and others that are completely exotic and distant. And yet very attractive.

Right now WoW is slowly deconstructing many of those aspects and outright decomposing others.

And most importantly right now for the first time Player number might affect the lore.

I don’t know how many people play the game but for sure it seems that factions are imbalanced to the point where it transcends the Lore. Because by the RP standards Alliance has won. Horde RP is dead.

By the gameplay standards, both PvP and PvE, Horde won, and Alliance cannot even form a proper pug group.

It is my greatest fear that Blizzard may eventually completely abandon faction based gameplay and unify both Horde and the Alliance.

If possible I would love this to not happen at all. This barrier between Horde and Alliance has always been one of the most beautiful parts of the game in my personal and subjetive opinion.

But the Lore, the lore right now is in shambles. And Night Elves are it’s greatest victims as of right now. They started out as the most exotic race and now got turned into most based one. Even more so than Human race itself.


I cringed so bad when I did this quest :

quote by a goblin NPC Warden Krizzik
" “WOAH! I saw my future! My great grandson marries a night elf, and to be honest, their kids had incredible ears.” (She’s a goblin.)"


That could be fun too as a second starting experience . Different races /classes start different ways . Than we go find pockets of resistance here and there . Imagine Light’s hope chapel in Vanilla Plague Lands assaulted by ghouls .

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World changes are also kept the same but Teldrassil and Lordaeron is overrun by void creatures that can only be damaged by the plague Sylvanas unleashed. Maybe make it so the rest of the world doesn’t see it so they think we are insane.

Agree. Metzen should just do it. Just like… walk into a room with the team and announce that he - as the God-Ever-Radiant - has decided that Shadowlands didn’t happen and N’zoth isn’t dead.


so much copium here but its not going to happen the next expansion already references shadowland … so seeth cope and mald :smiley:

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mind sharing where, I’m quite interested in how they reference it :slight_smile:

The First Ones are the true gods.

I’m pretty sure Chronicles IV will soft retcon Shadowlands into making the first ones just another name for titans and thus lower the Jailer’s impact.

If there a expansion that must be retconned by Blizzard, it should be Burning Crusade.

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