WoW subscription

so basically i went to purchase another month of game time last night and received an email confirming the purchase “You have successfully started a World of Warcraft subscription - 1 Month” but then i go and check my games and subscriptions and it says inactive and next to it says add a subscription? The same goes for the client next to play it says “subscription expired. click to setup subscription”. The question is do i need to wait a certain amount of time before my subscription is usable? I have purchased game time in the past but it goes through instantly without a problem, its just this time. Used paypal btw if that info helps.


It sounds like your payment might have failed. Please check your Transaction history to confirm, and have a look here for more information.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

This happened to me and twice as much now 3 days back money has been deducted I received an email confirming but I did not get play time and I do not see even in TRANSACTION HISTORY payment I just paid via paypal but this time via credit card I did it just the other way you.

I’ve had a similar issue, I bought a 3 month subscription a few hours ago, just now i got booted saying that my payment failed, even though I used a valid card and I have made sure there is enough money in the account to pay for it. Money has been deducted but it doesn’t show in my transaction history.

I also have had this issue, it was sorted out a day or two ago and now it has come up again with my transaction failing however once more and again my account is locked down like last time so im at a total loss here on what to do next with this.

Hey there, also had this issue with my friend Ell up above me. This is getting a little ridiculous as we’ve been trying to actively pay for a subscription for the last couple of days with it being rejected over and over. Our bank accounts and cards work just fine, so it must be on Blizzards end.

try this
I had same issue with sub renewal
and agent told me to try buy game time
cannot send you link here but go into the shop and buy game time not subscription

and it worked

If the subscription isn’t working at the moment you can buy gametime as Snaplèxity suggests. It’s a one-off purchase and doesn’t renew like a subscription -

I will give it a shot the moment that Ells account is unlocked. However renewal isn’t the problem it’s buying it outright. Though, as said I will try to buy a month of game time instead. Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

I’m having the exact same issue at this moment. I’ve paid my subscription, gotten varification emails + my money has gone off my credit card and I still can’t get in game because it says I’m missing an active subscription…
I’ve never ever had this problem before, I’m tempted to buy game time with ingame gold at this moment but I don’t wanna lose -12.99€ because something isn’t working properly. Could this issue please be adressed properly, I’ve used all the above tips and tricks but nothing works.
Thank you in advance !

You said you have followed the above tips and tricks, just to be sure did you also read the support article about the Transaction History and checked the status and read about that you will not be charged if the payment failed?

In your post I also see that you’ve only tried buying a subscription. If you still want to try again, you could try buying gametime in Ananda’s post above you.