Wowhead bad loading?


I just got it working after simply turning my router off for a few minuts and then back on.

So unless u have already tried this my advice would be to give it a go.

Can anyone confirm or deny this as a solid solution? Didnt the discord channel mention that is had to do with CDN?

I never had any issues with wowhead, which is odd because i keep seeing people saying the same thing as you do OP every now and then.

I always use Adblock though, do you have any installed on your browser? Because as far as i know they run lots of ads in the background so that might slow things down.

Edit: Do you have your browsers up-to-date aswell?

Yes my browsers are up to date, as i tried to state. The issue aint browser related.

Iā€™m also having an issue with WoWhead not loading at all. Getting ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. This have lasted some days, and the loading have until then been slow for me. My
internet service is fast, and I am using Vivaldi.

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