Wowhead bad loading?

(Heymom) #1

Anyone else having issue with wowhead responding/loading? been going on for a few days now. And its the same on chrome and IE/dge.


im still looking for a miner there. if there is one its on overload :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, perhaps because they post some silly Classic Guide every min, Imagine playing Feral-Balance in Classic, or Prot Tank etc.


Yeah, no connection to wowhead now for a couple of days.

Not the best timing considering classic is 2 days away…


Using uBlock and NoScript, no problem here :thinking:

That is blocking the gazillion unnecessary domains :smile:

(Heymom) #6

i also run 2 block addons, and been doing that for years. The issue started days ago.


Working great for me.


If you check the wowhead discord side feedback, people say its their CDN called Instart not loading for people

(Papudeath) #10

Use chrome and ublock, no problems. Loads in less than a second for me, and I have REALLY fast internet. Tried to load up wowhead on internet explorer with no ad blockers, took about 10 seconds. The ads on that site are very scummy.


And what does this mean?
That its wowheads servers that are messed up?
Are they working on it?


I have adblock and it’s working fine for me. It does block around 100 ads per minute, though, so maybe that has something to do with it?

(Someoneelse) #13

Same here but with Firefox.


Nope, myself and other people have that as well, and still not loading.

And I didnt change anything on my setup these last weeks. It just stopped working out of thin air 2 days ago.

(Someoneelse) #15

What country and ISP is it. It could be a regional thing.

(Mirun) #16

WoWhead does not load at all for me and simply times out at this time, and was kinda slow yesterday. And that is with or without adblock and/or uBlock enabled.

I bet it has to do with classic and simply to many people trying to use the site, overloading it. Wich is kinda to be expected.

Oh, and this flood of classic players is likely going be an issue for Bnet/WoW login as well the comming few days. With classic being released, and Bnet already has had some queing during earlier “busy” moments, it is to be expected that the login servers are going to be overflooded, wich in terms will lead to login queues ontop of the certain server queues on classic servers.

(Papudeath) #17

I can promise you that the fact it’s not loading is only related to you not having the right adblocker/bad browser. I haven’t had any problems loading up the site, so it’s not the traffic. Actually, with my setup the site works extremely fast. If it was overcrowded because of classic etc then it wouldn’t work for me either.


It’s a regional thing I think, I have adblock, ublock and ublock origin, tried on firefox and chrome, can’t connect, started out of the blue about 2 days ago, have had no problems before that.
Just because it is working for u with ur setup doesen’t mean it will work for everyone else.


Well, I’m using Waterfox, which is basically FF, only without their stupid addon limitations :smile:

(Redoctober) #20

I’m using Chrome and it’s instaloading. :woman_shrugging:

(Papudeath) #21

Probably something to do with your internet provider then. I did a little bit of research and found out that some other people are also complaining that the site is down in multiple countries but when I ran tests and checked the status of the site it came back as everything being OK.