Wrath Classic Zone Guide: Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord

Wrath Classic Zone Guide: Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord

A look at two Northrend zones for brave heroes of the Alliance and Horde to begin their adventures.

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Borean Tundra? More like Boring Tundra! :rofl:
Kidding, though I’d like to say… Howling Fjord > Borean Tundra :sunglasses:


Whoa, new exiting zones!

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Don’t you have more pressing and acute things you need to communicate to your paying customers Blizzard?


New Agamand is not the beginning of the horde journey in Howling FJord it is Vengeance landing - you literally said as much a few lines above that.

If horde were meant to start from there send the zepplin there!

More like 14 years old zones :grin:

Yeah ! Bots are missing from inhabitans description :smiley:

Now for real, you are absolutely right.
I know that one poor fella posting this have to do nothing with decision making, but where else - more visible here on forum - are we able to remind them, there are some problems need to be adressed. ( yeah, I still believe that sometimes someone blue reads the forum ) :]

Wow first time seeing so much snow looking so good ow are these copium piles or snow piles so nice.

Also newly advertised pickpocketing vyrkul locations will be bis for rogues. So nice. They can just boost come to Borean Tundra and pick pocket boxes that drops BoE epics. Best botting strategy ever. So cool

Yeah it looks nice.

What about the pre-patch date?


Okay, nice. Happy for you Blizzard. Now stop posting all this nonsense and just tell us when the pre-patch drops.

Ok but pre patch when ???

I’m being forced to stay on my own serv if i don’t have the time to lvl up 2 character + professions.

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Question valid - argument doesn’t make sense to me.
You perfectly know that 70+ opens on 26th September, add a few days if you don’t have a plan for the business. There is a 50% xp buff until then. There is increased activity which means lower prices at the AH, I finally made the 280-300 with Blacksmithing :wink:
You also clearly have a sub running so just hop in and do something. Anything.

I chose Tundra when Wrath came out and I will pick it again, those memories are too dear to me :3

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