Wrath of the Lich King Classic Season 5 Ends January 10

The first Wrath Classic PvP season will be ending at 10:00 p.m. for each region. In this region, Season 5 will end at 10:00 p.m. CET on January 10.

During maintenance on January 11, Arena Points costs for Deadly Gladiator gear will be halved, and rating requirements will be removed from Deadly gear. Savage and Hateful Gladiator gear will become available for Honor only, and their Honor cost will be reduced. When Arena Season 6 begins at a later date, the normal conversion of Arena Points to Honor will occur.

Good luck fighting to the finish!


So does this mean Phase 2 a week later when XP Buff ends?

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So, no time to buy discounted arena gear this time? In TBC i think we had like a week or so?

Great. I can’t wait for my 8k arena points to be converted into 80k honor to add to my current 75k honor :smiling_face_with_tear:


At least you already bought the full deadly set and the weapons, otherwise one might imply doing PvP is currently very unrewarding and your points aren’t worth jack-$hit.

Please let us have discounted gear before you convert arena points to honor. Honor is absolutely useless and there is no way to catch up with gear unless you give an option to purchase the gear without a rating requirement before new season begins. The situation with acquiring pvp gear is even worse than it was in TBCC and in TBCC we also got the discount week.

deadly becomes waht hetfull is small arena points+honor price
giving deadly for lower now spits in the face for all who farmed it
and turning arena points into honor is totaly giving nothing to players that did pvp this ssn

They did this every other season since classic xpacs began. Why should they change this? Why does it spit into anyones face that people have actually chance to be on the same level of gear when a new season starts? Jeez


its an RPGmmo there are alot of unfair things farm spend time get your gear only thing they should do is maby remove arena rating req

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You speak like someone who clearly does not do pvp with an alt. Only around 10% or less people participating in pvp are having full gear due to rating reqs. These 10% will be able to abuse their gear in the coming season and the cycle will continue.


Does reth palas get buffed for next phase?

So we don’t get to buy discounted gear before reset?..

I was thinking, if you are already honor capped, could it not be possible to convert the arena points to gold instead? Soo you get some value of your points :slight_smile:

And where is the 1 week with discounted Deadly gear and rating requirements removed?

What about WG marks???

Can you please guys give us some accurate information?

wait no time to buy discounted gear?

I doubt wg marks will be reset.

idk it might be

Yeah nice one, now unlock the servers…

There is nothing fair about pvp in wow because it requires you to have a corrupt lc, be gm, ninja or lucky with rolls in raids to participate high, dont tell me wow pvp is skill based. 80% in first season comes from gear.

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