Wrath of the Lich King Classic Season 5 Ends January 10

Can we have an answer about end of season discount please? don’t even care if its a no just want to know the answer to this very simple question

Have we ever get any answers to some Questions? It is a lost cause

Why are we rushing with content as fast as possible btw?

Ever since Classic launched. It has been about 3-4 Months each Phase. And it has been a bit over 3 Months since WotLK Classic launch. Also it was not that long ago when we where in Lv60 Naxx. So People would like to go to Ulduar.

Alt gearing for PVP is atrocious because you need PVE for bis too.

Uhmm… why I can’t buy arena rating items? I have 2043 rating in 3v3 and I’m trying to buy deadly chest. It appears in red and when I try to buy it it says that my arena rating is too low far that item… and yes, I have enough AP. Is this intended?

edit: got fixed by joining a bg… weird bug

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Yea, would be super nice actually if You could only use PvP items in arenas, nothing from PvE and especially no Legendaries.
Pve items + shadowmourne in the future will make arenas so much gear based and takes the skill away from the game.
Try surviving platers with smournes in arenas.
Something to think about Blizzard.

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This is the cancer of wow pvp for decades now, they fixed it in legion but everyone was moaning then too, so they reverted it.

You mean fixed by making 2k rating gear from arenas worse than +3 braindead mythics ? xD …

Blizz “fixed” one thing and ruined 6541354 others …

I remember getting PvP trinket from arena during BFA, that I could NOT use in arena xD …

if we’re a week away from season end then id assume ulduar is imminent. How is there not even a single announcement yet, pretty poor from blizz

I agree with the legendaries part, but removing PVE completely is not the right way to do it. Capping ilvl is.

Noone will be able to kill anything in certain match up and then they’ll have to add dementia, then you get absolute cheese tanky comps.

On ATR, which was the best iteration of WoTLK private server arena PVP, they just capped the Ilvl of PVE gear at non-heroic ICC, with T2 Weapons and no RS Trinkets, which was probably the most balanced WoTLK experience in arena. (Warmane has full heroic PVE gear and Shadowmourne, which feels horrible for 90% of the classes in the game).

I also agree that gearing from PVE is a pain in the butt.

I wonder if PVErs would even mind if you could get PVE items in PVP that could ONLY be used in PVP and had a lower ilvl than hc raid gear.

You could also reach the same items in PVE, but their ilvl would be reduced in arena. So people can earn their items however they want.

The way you make BG PVP fun is by having more balanced full geared games (so people can survive), but to do that they need to have a reason for people to even want to do them with full gear. Rated BGs maybe?

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Can we get arena points from wednesday jan 11th?

Yes. And even 5hours before that. :relieved:


Will there be a Pre-Season with discounted Arena Gear? Will the current gear have rating requirements removed?

Season 2

Will the following season have rating requirements on ALL gear?

Could it be considered to allow players to buy some upgrades on their journey?

e.g. Shields / Wands / Caster Off Hands / Throwing Weapons / Relics etc

e.g. Perhaps consider stretching this to Gloves/Legs/Chest/Helm not require a rating. As it was in TBC. Currently, these items can be gained without Rating from PvE.

Season 2 - Honour Gear

Will the new honour gear have rating requirements on Belt+Boots and if so, why?

What value does this add other than another barrier to entry for people interested in participating in PvP.


The hotfix to increase gains of Arena Rating requirement by steadily increasing players’ MMR appears to have had little effect.

Gains on victory are dynamic, based on the MMR or Arena Rating of the opponent.

This is also true when a team is defeated, therefore, static gains per week have no effect when the losses are dynamically linked to the players’ MMR.

e.g. If you gained +100MR every week for playing 10 games, but lost 10MMR for each game you lost, you could have a positive gain relative do achieving close to a 50% win rate. If your MMR losses are dynamic, with respect to your opponent, a single loss of 18-20MMR would quickly erode and of the intended benefits.

Rating Suggestion

I would suggest that losses of MMR should be static and gains should be dynamic.

Players improve with experience, and losing to a higher-skilled opponent should be part of the process. There is a skill curve and a gear curve to climb.

Perhaps something similar to this can be looked at?

Thank you.


Updated the OP:

During maintenance on January 10, Arena Points costs for Deadly Gladiator gear will be halved, and rating requirements will be removed from Deadly gear. Savage and Hateful Gladiator gear will become available for Honor only, and their Honor cost will be reduced. When Arena Season 6 begins at a later date, the normal conversion of Arena Points to Honor will occur.


Can anything at all be done to make gearing for PVP bis less PVE intensive? I just want to play arenas.

And I’m now AFKing waiting for Hateful to become buyable.

Nvm, I’m forced to mine because someone named “Bank” has bought up every gem and put them back in for 120g each.

Only took 10 days what should’ve been fixed with 1 email or well 1 query and reposted the next day.


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And you confirm this couple days before… many people already bought stuff and wasted their AP because you guys couldn’t type this in the main post. Great, tyvm.


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