Wrathion and Alexstrasza relationship

Did Wrathion tried to kill Alexstrasza in the past ? I mean… in short story says that he did and Alexstrasza tried to kill him. Now… for Wrathion to kill Alexstrasza is a big and bold and very unlikely to succed move, and for Alexstrasza to kill Wrathion is very easy but she is not like that. I mean if Alexstrasza decided this, it means that Wrathion did something very wrong. I know that he killed all the black dragons, but they were all corrupted so… although was wrong and rushed decision I don’t think this was the motive. Can anyoane tell me if this is true and what happend ?

That goes back to Cataclysm. Wrathion was taken from a clutch, experimented on with titan devices and hidden by red dragons in the Badlands storyline. Then he was stolen by Black Dragons and hatched. It’s at this point Reds tried to kill him, at least in hsi eyes, however the storyline mostly is the rogue runnign about killing black dragons and deathwing to get the tentacle daggers.

Not sure when he tried to kill Alex. She was present during the War Crimes :poop:show, but outside of that they didn’t really overlap until DF, where the devs can’t structure a zone coherently to save their life.

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