Write your balance hope list for next week

Give me your list of what you hope is nerfed next week

  • Guardian
    All healing and damage reduced by 33% in PVP

  • Havoc
    Fodder for the flame healing reduced by 50% in PVP
    All damage reduced by 5%

  • Rogue
    Soothing Shadow Healing reduced by 75% in PVP
    Deathmark (assassination) damage over time effects reduced by 20% in PVP

  • Warrior
    Impending Victory healing reduced by 50% in PVP
    Bloodthrist healing reduced by 50% in PVP

  • Warlock
    Dark Pact absorb reduced by 25% in PVP
    Drain Life healing reduced by 25% in PVP

  • Shadow Priest
    Silence cool-down increased to 60 seconds up from 45 seconds
    Psychic Horror cool-down increased to 60 seconds up from 45 seconds

kinda meaningless. bloodthirst has counterplay, especially during ER.
IV surely need a nerf.

but actually warrior didnt survive that long in yolo shuffle in purple gear on beta.
pve bonus will give enough smg on many classes to cut through all the healing.

shadow priest could rather use a nerf on shadowword death dmg and disperion cd
i feel like the should remove all those instant mb crap and instead should make mindflay uninteruptable

Stop this madness, just nerf the cdr Talent… dark Pact is already nerfed.

Only affliction is heavy on this spell… get it right…

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5% is not nearly enough for damage nerfs for DH. Though I would take a compromise with 10% dmg nerf but also lowering their mortal strike effect to 15% instead.

Other than that specs are more in need of getting mechanical changes and changes to the talent trees more so than raw damage / healing changes. Since they are for example steering enhancement more into stormstrike we need frost witch back to reset on 5 stacks and instead of 25% physical damage increase (which is mainly buffing doomwinds) it should be changed to ignore armor or add some other effect to it. This is just an example of how there are lot of talents for alot of specs that needs rework or tuning.

Except combat and sub rogues. They need to be the fk tuned down.

All healing done by preservation reduced by 15%
Mana regeneration from preservation reduced by an extra 10% (so 20% total).

Holy paladin mana cost for all spells reduced by 20%.
Just looking at the spec makes it go oom right now.

-Obsidian Scales castable while stunned
-Landslide shorter cd
-Fire breath PvP talent making it unable to be empowered or something with the tradeoff being dispel protection/shorter cd and maybe a bit higher ticks
-Maybe a bit shorter cd on emerald blossom than 30s when you already have to be still for 2s to get the mid heal

We need to see how today’s nerf to Fodder of the flame plays out, before reducing its effectiveness further.

The demon spawn was appearing more than intended apparently, as in shadowlands it didn’t scale off haste, but it suddenly did in Dragonflight, hence the adjustment today.

I play more classes than just DH, so can understand the frustration with fighting against one, only for us to full heal, but I would point out other classes also have insane healing (warlock, fury warrior, guardian druid), when they don’t rely on it as much defensively as DH do.

To put it into context, warrior has 3-4 different healing cooldowns, Rogues all heal for an insane amount, where as Demon Hunters just have some leech and a random proc heal.

Unlike several other classes, Demon Hunters are also extremely vulnerable during stuns (no abilities are usable during one), and have no ability to escape roots - so a melee leech is not enough to sustain them without Fodder doing significant healing (albeit randomly).

Personally, i’d like them to change Fodder into an active talent, rather than a passive unpredictable proc; that way DH’s can align it with their burst window/employ it to heal when needed, rather than too frequently.

Blizzard definitely need to address the ridiculous absorb shields that Shadow Priests and Warlocks have currently as well, which coupled with other talents, make them extremely hard to kill for a cloth wearer.

Overall I think it’s clear a lot of classes still need adjustments before Season 1 starts, so hopefully the developers can use threads such as this to glean constructive feedback.

Keep it clean and helpful guys and highlight specific talents they can address if you know what they are.

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Agree with the Guardian nerf.

Havoc: 5% damage nerf seems reasonable. Fodder either 75% healing nerf or complete removal. As it is; Havoc’s Leech and other self-healings are above what Dest and Demo do with Soul Leech. Fodder simply needs to go.

Rogue: Similar to Fodder; Soothing Shadow needs to go away. Deathmark nerf seems reasonable; Assa as it is, is a better ST rot spec than Aff, which feels weird. (I honestly feel bad for Ferals)

Warrior: Agreed with the IV nerf; disagree with the Bloodthrist. Its not too difficult to play around ER.

Warlock: Dark Pact already got nerfed. It is nerfed in a sense, a second time, due to dampening changes (Keep in mind that pressing DP in deep dampening is actually bad as it takes 20% of your HP).
Agree with the Drain Life nerf but it shoduln’t be the spell itself but its related talents in Aff tree.

Shadow Priest: The reason SP atm is feeling overwhelming with Silence + Horror is due to their very strong ST damage profile. I would rather a damage nerf or PWS nerf, instead of nerfing their CCs.

ehm you forgot sp, those classes are not only overtuned but to such a degree that any other than rogues can compete with them. a sp with full gear has 99% chance of winning vs 9/10 classes

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