WTS Battle pet bundle 800k - (A/H) (130+ pets)

Hi, I am looking to sell a few pets in a bundle for 800k as I need that amount to buy the Tusks of Mannoroth from the BMAH. This is the reason why I am selling the pets so cheap and together in a bundle.

Some of the pets in the bundle are:
Nightsaber Cub (TCG Pet - on AH for 870k - This alone is worth the price of the bundle)
Darkmoon Rabbit
Disgusting Oozeling
Crimson Whelpling
Restored Revenant
Darkmoon Eye

In total I have 130+ pets that I can give, ranging from 100g - 870k and I am only selling for 800k which is a steal even for a low pop server, you could easily flip this on other servers.

If you’re interested in collecting pets or even selling them cross server, this bundle would be a great buy. I would even consider selling them to you on another realm, as long as it is very low population so I have no competition over the bids at the BMAH. LeeHarper#21319 to contact me or post below.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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