WTS TCG pets/mounts and a lot of items I got left


I want to sell a lot of items I got left in my inventory:
TCG pets:

banana 1
dragon kite 1
ethereal soul trader 2
hatespark the tiny 2
hippogryph hatchling 3
nightsaber cub 0
purple puffer 2
rocket chicken 1
spectral tiger cub 9
tuskarr kite 6
eye of the legion 0
gregarious grell 3
landro’s lil’ XT 1
Sand Scarab 1
gusting grimoire 3
knockoff Blingtron 0
Guardian cub 2
Landro Lichling 4
spineclaw crab 1
everliving spore 1

TCG mounts:

Wooly White Rhino
Blazing Hippogryph
Savage Raptor
Mottled Drake
Rooster Egg
Ghastly Charger
Big Battle Bear
White Camel
X-51 Extreme rocket

Also other lower valued items:
felsteel longblades
vials of the sands
Jeweled Onyx Panther
minions of grumpus
Primal mights
Crimson Deathcharger
a few of the new BFA zone mounts
Papal Fez
and probably some more junk.

Please add me on discord:
Corrupter#8917 since my list in bnet is full
I only want gold, do not offer me irl offers, I’m not interested.

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