WTS TLPD, L-F HippoGryph, WoD/MoP Mounts, SpiritBeasts, etc

I’m currently selling my service of helping you obtain TLPD, WoD Rare Mounts, MoP Warbringer Mounts, Long-Forgotten Hippogryph, Hunter Spirit Beasts, etc

How does it work?

You pay the gold cost of the mount mentioned below, I will camp the rares for you and invite you to tag and loot. You will get the mount within a day of gold payment or you get your gold back.

Before trading the gold, in whisper chat you will mention which mount you are buying and for what amount in gold, this will protect both of us from getting scammed as you can get a GM to check logs if I didn’t deliver.


• Long-Forgotten Hippogryph - 250K
• Voidtalon of the Dark Star - Very tight window, I will show you how I camped mine for 100k. Cannot camp this for you.

• Poundfist (Sunhide Gronnling): 250k
• Luk’hok (Mottled Meadowstomper): 150k
• Nakk the Thunderer(Bloodhoof Bull): 200k
• Pathrunner (Swift Breezestrider): 120k
• Silthide(Sapphire Riverbeast): 150k
• Gorok (Grey Greytusk): 150k

• Warbringers (Jade/Slate/Amber Primordial Direhorn): Killing until you get the drop 150k Each. You don’t have to wait or travel, You will be killing 5 warbringers per minute.

•Time-Lost Proto Drake: 1 Million for Alliance, 700k for horde. You pay gold ONLY after you loot and learn the TLPD.

• Exotic Hunter Pets (Spirit beasts etc): 130k Each

Prices are for single character, all mounts can be lootable in a party of 5 people (except legion ones), if you want to bring more people (friends/guildmates) to loot prices may differ.

I have all the mounts I’m selling, you can check my armory.

Gold prices are only for Outland realm Alliance side, prices for other realms are different. Can take Gold on Horde as well.

I provide services only on Outland and Twilight’s Hammer connected realm both factions, other similar threads are not mine.


BTAG: Invincible#1831
DISCORD: Invincible1#7910

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