WW 2h or DW

Probably a questioned asked many times.

At this point in the game, if I was playing WW monk, should I use 1x2h or 2x1h? =)

Thaaanks =)

2x 1h since double enchant is slightly better

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Can’t wait to try farm weapon 2 =P

PvP weapons have great stats if you like doing arenas

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Dual Wielding vs 2 Handed Weapons
In general, at equal item levels, dual wielding outperforms a 2 handed weapon by 1-2% when fully enchanted and using all consumables. As a rule of thumb, testing very roughly shows somewhere around a 10 item level increase before 2 handed weapons match the damage of dual wielding, with a smaller gap needed in AoE or if you have a relatively lower item level off hand weapon. The difference is also smaller if you are not using all consumables and enchants.

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