WW damage so low in raids?

Was doing the new fated cn last night and the guild killed lady inerva really quickly everyone got orange or better dmg logs the top people, fury warr, destro lock, hunter, mage the standard top classes where pulling 23k plus dps get 100 logs and there was me on my ww monk getting 13.4k dps i think pulling a 99 log 100 for ilvl if i remember right. (Tank was almost above me too like they need a buff now)

What i want to know is why is monk dps so low why did they nerf us so hard or not buff us good enough, they nerfed surv hunt and destro lock aoes but also massively buffed there single target. Why when monks get there aoe nerfed did they also not recieve a sizable buff to the single targets like lock and hunt did why?

Are they trying to kill us like they did to ferals honestly so done with wow at this point you either play mage or hunt and have fun or smash your face agaisnt your keyboard playing any other.

Link to logs?

Can i even post links without getting banned?

Yes ofc you can link warcraft logs.

But I don’t think the new raid is good to compare classes because of affix. Also on pure st fights like jailer heroic pre season ww monk (kyrian) was able to hold a candle to others. I still think a slight buff would be cool but don’t see the need that heavily right now.

For ww I’m more frustrated when I see two button hunter (mm or sv) bursting adds into oblivion while as a monk you have to some kind prepare your ae :smiley:

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They got 100% logs, you got 79% logs, so they did unusually well which made you look worse in comparison.

Heres the highest parses for the same fight for ww of your ilevel


So ww aren’t setting the world alight, but “low”? Naw.

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