WW looking for a Weekend Raiding Guild

Im looking for a NM/HC/MYTH Guild that raids weekends (sa/su). Due to my work schedule Im not able to raid during the week.

Realm or Faction change is no problem.

Contact me:

Flex Raiders is a newly founded guild that is looking for people to join us.
[EU] [A] Realm: Quel’thalas/Azjol-nerub

For info about the guild

You can contact me on discord IIAnnaBananaII#4256

our schedule for raids Monday, Friday, Sat and Sunday we start the raid around 6pm uk gmt so 7pm realm and we end it in around 3.5 hours

Still looking for people, feel free to reach out for a chat :slight_smile:

[H] - Draenor - recruiting for weekend day time raids - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

push, still searching

Push, still searching. :slight_smile: