Flex raiders - new social, mythic & raid guild! [eu][a] quel’thalas/azjol-nerub

Flex Raiders are looking for people to join us!
[EU] [A] Realm: Quel’thalas/Azjol-nerub.

About us:
Flex Raiders Is a newly founded guild looking for Raiders & Mythic+ players as well as social people to join new or old to wow anyone is welcome to join us!! , we are a chill/Semi serious guild that want to have fun, laugh and joke around, but also wants to get things done with as well as progress. We are happy to help out as well as answer questions if you are lost and in need of help, we want everyone to enjoy themselves in the guild BUT the most important thing is to grow the guild together.

What do we offer?
Like mentioned above we offer help a nice environment where we all joke and have fun while playing we happily do Mythic+ & raiding together we will put schedules down for raids & Mythic, We have a discord setup so you can get announcements for wow and where everyone can hang around in. We also take in people’s suggestions/opinions, whether its for discord or for other related things, We are happy to accept any class/Spec as well as PvP/PvE players!

Dungeons are the best way for Ilvl and just overall fun to do, whether its Mythic to Mythic+ regardless of what player you are new or old this is one of our main activities in the game that we do so feel free to join in with us and have fun!

Is another thing we do whether its IFR, Normal and so on everyone is free to give it a go, we want to hopefully progress to mythic difficulty one day, we also want to clear as much as possible in a day but at the same time want it to be fun/chill for everyone and not be so stressful the whole point of the guild is to feel like home and where everyone gets a chance at things, everyone needs to learn someday and we want people to try their best so dont be afraid to join in.

Raid schedule:
Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 6pm UK GMT, 7pm realm time.

We would like everyone to join discord and check now and then on announcements for raids we expect everyone to join in discord voice you dont have to talk BUT please listen it’s important, If you dont follow this we might not accept you to raids or even future raids we want it to be simple for people and not be hard on everyone so please do join be easy for you and for others!

What do we expect/want?
We want people to make sure to check AND join discord for raids/other related, but we also want people to check Calendar to sign up we also want people to properly sign the calendars so we know if you are sure or unsure and so on, we also want people to try and get their ilvl up (185 for normal) least high enough to do raids if interested in doing some but the main thing we want from people is to at least learn about the bosses before joining a raid or mythics whether it’s by video on YT or by asking in the guild, we would also like people to bring flask and food to raids if possible and be on time, we pretty much have very simple set of rules such as “Be a decent human being” and “interact with the guild” and like mentioned above we accept any class and spec PvP or PvE!

List of guild rules:

1. Be respectful and dont be mean!
Everyone has bad days s**t happens, but we’re all friends here take a break chill and enjoy thats the important part of it all!

2. Be social
Our main goal is to have social people not a afk guild haha we want to create a community together. Joining us means you accept that talking to each other is important dont have to voice talk but please try to be an active guild member!

Please dont beg or nag in guild chat if you want something you are free to ask but dont expect people to give stuff out for free the guild is here to help but we all should work for it!

4. Try your best
Players of all skill levels are always welcome to the guild, but we do expect everyone to try and improve/progress, We are here to help dont be afraid to ask!

Discord GM:
Almoren - IIAnnaBananaII#4256
Wansolo - FatherGabriel#3679

Feel free to ask questions!
And hope to see you join us!

Currently at 12 members not bad for 2 days :slight_smile:

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