WW Monk feels like paper in PvP

I feel like I have far better chances of surviving with any other class I have played. WW Monks don’t really have any good ways of escaping a battle but their survivability in a battle is basically zero. They die like paper and they can’t self heal fast enough. They’re like close range mage without the escape abilities.

I’m curious whether this is just because I’m a newbie or because WW Monk needs to be fixed

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This is because ww monk needs to be fixed in PvP.

You need some hidden hands magically touch to your spec just for one week, but unfortunately you are not playing Retribution Cryladin.

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It is not. I almost never use teleport.

You have 3 defensives, 1 against melee 1 against burst, 1 against magic.

You also have trinket and CC, if you rotate your defensives 1 by 1 you’ll survive 3 minutes and average arena rounds/matches are 2.5 minute long approximately.

It isn’t paper if you don’t use all of your defensive during first danger.

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