Ww monk or sub rogue

Hi guys,

What do you think is more fun to play in pvp/pve?

Also are they both strong in both aspects?

Lmk your opinion


What do you find fun to play? We can’t decide that for you.


I’m not asking you to decide for me. I’m just aksing what you guys find more fun.


Fair play, I chose rogue.
Monk makes me feel like I wanna stab myself using my alt rogue.

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Mained both, probably played my rogue much more than this monk, that’s at high end PvP and pve. They’re same same, both mobile, both active play style being mele. Probs say rogues more forgivable in both pve and PvP though! Saying that I’m enjoying my monk again, I don’t like the current iteration of ‘combat rogue’ and I’m not a big fan of subt in pve content :tipping_hand_man:

rogue can do everything better than monk, except dying

Currently in PVE, Sub is significantly behind Outlaw. Out of these two, I would pick Windwalker (duh).

PvP you can see a different beast when talked about.

Some of these classes that are done the bare minimum… take in mind that in any content you do-- Dungeons, Raids-- will always have a Tank to take all hits. That has ruined most designs for classes with defense. You get the rare nuggets of a dev putting more effort for class defense but this isn’t one of them.

Classes like these, WW, are such glass cannons, because the balance has always been done with a tank in mind, at all times. Defense CDs just enough in case of an emergency or to soak up a boss AoE Mechanic, that’s it.

If you want to PvP, specially Epic BGs? Go Rogue. You won’t have fun being one-shot as a WW all the time. Arenas you’ll find a loop-hole if you’re a good player, but it’s more of a hassle compared to Rogues.

For PvE though? Take your pick, though WWs can pull off nice bursts compared to Rogue.

Monk in arena’s is burst and run. Then burst and run. Rogue is burst and well that’s all they need to do at the moment.

It always comes down to what you enjoy most. I would say create class trial classes and try them on dummies

Pve more fun-mink by far
Pvp- stealth is fun, but i like ww more

I just cant play rogue anymore, bores me to d