WW PvP improvement suggestions for 9.1

Xunamate just updated their stats towards activity for the last week and it shows WW has dropped significantly.

  1. You could say, Warriors are doing everything better WW does right now in any comp.
  2. People learned to adapt to WW, meta shift happened during season 1 and WW’s weaknesses take over their strengths.

Windwalker currently has 1 strength which is the longest and strongest burst damage and overall due to it being so long very good consistent damage with mortal strike.

However, since 9.0.5 Windwalkers are very telegraphed now and you have a lot of choices to outplay their burst. Some examples: hibernate xuen/frost nova images and all this kind of stuff. Due to that more monks started to play Serenity because it’s unpredictable and fits better with the current legendary monks are playing.

One way to fix it would be to nerf other classes: especially Warrior/Mage/Rogue. However this doesn’t fix that WW also has a natural weakness against Hunters/Ferals/druids in general which are raising up right now.

In my opinion to fix that, WW needs to be more setup based and needs some better defensives to be an useful alternative for other classes to play with over a Rogue or Warrior.

For 9.1 my suggestions would be:

(Honor Talent) Turbo Fists reworked. Fists of Fury stuns now everyone when hit for 4 seconds. Can only happen once every 20 seconds. ( To prevent chain-stunning with Haste/BKCDR)

(Baseline): Fortifying Brew cooldown reduced to 1.5 min CD (from 3 minutes)

(Baseline) New ability for Mistweaver and Windwalker: Nimble Brew:
Removes all root, stun, fear, and horror effects and reduces the duration of future such effects by 60%. 3 minutes cooldown

Pressure Points removed, new Honor Talent replacement:

(Honor Talent): Eminence: Transendence: Transfer cooldown reduced by 20 seconds.

Improvements to current Honor Talents:

Ride the Wind: Allies who stand in the wind, have now 50% increased movement speed (was 30%). You are now immune to movement slowing effects and all root effects, existing root effects and snares will now be cleared whenever Flying Serpent Kick is used.

Disabling Reach: Disable now no longer has an energy cost and the range has been increased to 13m (was 10)

Reverse Harm: Healing done increased by 150% (was 100%)

Tigereye Brew cost reduced to 2 Chi for 1 stack (was 3 chi)

Wind Waker honestly is just a worse version of Ride the Wind even in It’s current state. It just should be completly removed and replaced with a new honor talent to be honest.

Windwalker damage in general could be said it’s overall too high. However I would be in the position to trade some damage for setup/defensive choices anyday.

If these would go through, WW would be in the middle field of strengths compared to Rogues and Warriors, which means WW would get more of both strengths these classes have but isn’t anymore a budget version of above mentioned classes like right now.


Nerf on death sentence, intervene and off heals would bring back ww players. Lots of them switched to warri (or enhancement to play with warri) because warrior just too OP compared to anything else so WW doesnt have spot. I dont feel enhancement or ret pala (much more popular specs) bursts are less predictable than monk’s but still a better option due to the huge off heal.

So my opinion is that monk actually fine right now its just other classes that require some adjustment. Of course if they dont bother to nerf op specs then they should buff weaker classes.

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Other classes however are almost every class besides the classes below Monk which is only DH.

Windwalker is the best specc Monk currently has and if this one is bad then the class in general is just considered trash.

And everything is happening right now to align this way. Mistweaver is trash and there is no other DPS specc for monks to specc into if WW is bad.

It will only get worse than it is right now. There is another door waiting to hit which is better gear in 9.1 which scales with other classes better than WW which means WW will get weaker and weaker with more time.

In my opinion WW needs 2 things which are:

Karma&Wall being reverted to Legion state.
Fists of Fury stunning people.

I personally wish WW was more about doing proper setups like they used to in every xpac before BFA. Now there is the chance as they’re promised reworking PvP talents in 9.1, to rework the whole specc into another direction with adding FoF stun back.