Wyrm crests bring 2 different types of players together

I like that farming wyrm crests (at least for the first few weeks or however long it will last, until players dont really need them as much) is bringing together players that are doing 16-18s and 19-20s+ into the 11-13 bracket. Firstly, gearing alts is even easier due to the increased 11-13 population. Secondly, being able to get high and do some easier, relaxed content, turning the ingame voices and music up and getting immersed, while also having a useful reward at the end, is a really cool feeling. M+ now has something for both “going hard” and “laidback” gaming. The current rewards/gearing structure is awesome in so many ways.

No it’s not because I am forced to do lower keys when I want to do only 20s. Eot.

Forced? By whom?

Nobody is forcing you to do anything.

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