Wyrmhole Generator triangulation: how?!

Can anyone explain how the " Wyrmhole Generator triangulation" works, or is activated?

I have the required 30 points in “Novelties”, and I’ve used the generator at least a dozen times since then, but I still can’t select the destination. Am I doing something wrong? Do we have to activate something?

You need to active kind of little machines all over the dragon isles. Once you activated all the wormhole generator will have options to go to a specific zone.

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Omg… I thought those were just the coords for the arrival locations… we have to manually go to all?!

Seriously, Blizz, what the…

Thanks for the heads up.

at least it should be fairly fast since you have maxxed out dragon riding and know the coords to each triangulation point… :stuck_out_tongue:

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True that, and that video made it easy. Now I wonder if there is a position in the new area.

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