Xal'atath not speaking to me

I mogged it, but I’m not getting any dialog. I remember it used to talk.

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Perhaps she is depressed and doesn’t want to talk, give her some time.


Yeah I guess I shouldn’t rush her lol. Might be because I never did the legion quest on this too before who knows.

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Not sure it was added to be able to talk when mogged?
Tho, thinking about it - I feeeeeel like I have heard the mage one talk to me when mogged…
… maybe that was a fever dream tho idk.

It wasn’t a fever dream. It talks.
So yes - they talk even when mogged, or supposed to — just very RNG, like most things.

The dialogue options are vert rare on the Speaking artifacts. I hear them on the chars that i mog the weapons, but very rarely

Hm. Your connection to the Void probably isn’t strong enough. You could pay us a visit in Telogrus Rift. Maybe it’s time to think about a faction change? :wink:


The demo one still talks when mogged so I’d assume the other talking weapons should also.

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The best way I found to get her to speak to me (way back when) was to sit and fish for half an hour or so which she would then announce as ‘boring’.


What did you do to upset her?

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You need to have both weapon and of hand mogged to trigger the speech events.

Arcane Mage one does talk to you. I’d assume the sPriest dagger should do the same unless you’ve fallen out with it…?

OP should try going to Legion Dalaran a few times and see if anything procs.

It could be that the dagger is “dead” after the events of BFA?

Mine has always talked when mogged. Not very often, but it does.

Oh let me try that!

Edit: you trolling me! They always mog together!

not if you mog just the dagger.

Yeah, I mogged into a legion artifact. Maybe I should do each alone. Will give it a shot next time!

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