Xavius vanilla players interested in classic


I used to play a mage called Braille on Xavius-Horde. I was raiding, but mainly grinding that pvp ladder.

I was wondering if any of the members of the vanilla guilds on both sides are returning for classic.

RISE, High Council, Bloody Mess, Epix Plx, etc. I’ve transferred from Xavius when TBC came on, so I don’t know of any other big guilds.



I will play Classic or atleast try it for some time. I had a Tauren Druid in Bloody Mess with the name Kiroth. Would be fun to see some old names again.

Wow, this post took me down memory lane.

I used to play in High Council, cleared MC, BWL and stopped playing during AQ progress.

Played as an Tauren warrrior named Burise.

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