Xenophobia in Frostmane?

Hi, I'm considering realm transferring over to Frostmane sometime in the future.

I was wondering if Frostmane is still a Swedish realm or has it become more neutral now? Do people speak English in the trade channel or do they converse in gibberish? Is there any room for outsiders or are they shunned by the community?

There's plenty of böth.
Lol I'll never look at Frostmane the same way again when our guild agreed to merge with another (Emerald nightmare patch), and when they joined our discord for first raid night they refused to speak in English and talked over us and were !@#$ talking us in Swedish, trolling and not taking anything seriously. Never looked back since, there are plenty of english guilds but if things start to smell Swedish, get outta there asap
I play on the server with RL friends, I've mainly seen English spoken in most things, but there is a mix.