XP boost? did anyone ask for that besides Blizzard managment to get more players in

The mere consequence of this action would exacerbate the botting issue further. However, it’s apparent that Blizzard’s lack of game masters and inadequate support are leading to mounting frustration among players. How is it feasible for exploiters and outright cheaters to thrive unchecked? Purchasing gold only results in a paltry 16-day ban, while the company readily accepts customer payments without effectively addressing the botting epidemic. With approximately 40,000 active players on my server alone, is it genuinely implausible for Blizzard to hire just one game master capable of resolving the issue within a week? Considering the substantial revenue of $560,000 per month per subscriber, the inability to afford one game master seems unfathomable—akin to running a restaurant without waiters. Have you any comprehension of how many players are abandoning the game due to your negligence? I cherish this game, but the current state is rapidly deteriorating into chaos.

It’s evident that your automated system is failing to address the issue adequately. Furthermore, if you believe that XP boosts are a viable solution, consider how they will only incentivize the creation of more accounts, each benefiting from doubled XP. Personally, I find no pleasure in constantly reporting every bot—I’m a customer, not an enforcer. By neglecting to address this problem effectively, you’re breaching the trust between customer and supplier.

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I asked for the XP boost really. Classic xp numbers are absurd. Good on blizzard for rectifying this mistake in SoD.


you want to be levl 60 in a day i get it there is retail for that.

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Shut up looser we want to be max lvl faster so we can PVP not everyone here is a mindless zombie that wants to lvl for 10years


Didn’t ask for it, but I’m glad I got it.


How can anyone complain about the leveling being slow? I agree 1 to 60 feels slow AF in classic. But with the phases the XP buff really isn’t necessary.

Do I care? Not really.

It is and we got it!

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Wake up. We are not 12 y old anymore. Noone wantr to lvl 99999999999 years. Ppl want pvp/ parse in pve and log off after soon as possible. This actualy good change imo. Otherwise sod gonna die very fast


What about me that didnt lvl from 1-25 from start, but with the buff i am gonna definitely gonna play SOD bcs 1-40 whould be much better and faster so i can play what i rly enjoy and that is pvp. This is the best thing they chould have done.

You are a warrior your opinion does not matter!
PS:Hope they nerf warriors 2 charges are far too much!

They already did an xp boost for the previous phase when a new one comes out.
I don’t know why they scrapped that idea and decided to double the xp boost and leave it on until max level.

Because we wanted it and we got it you are lvl 40 why are you even talking?

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Most of us dont like leveling we wanna do pvp and pve content.We are not 9 years anymore to have all that free time just let us lvl faster and own some noobs in bg thats all i wanna do

Please blizzard we need the wow token, flying in Azeroth,LFD and LFR too.
So we can get BiS fast and play something else.
Stop wasting our precious time!!!

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Yes we need it chop chop add it faster!

p2 launch was Thursday evening at 10 p.m., Tuesday evening around 9 p.m. I was lvl 40 and I didn’t have time to go online on Friday and Saturday because of my work
Within 4 days it was possible to not only reach the new level cap, but also pre-BiS
the people who think this is too time consuming, l2p

So you played like 30-35 Hrs in 2 days to get lvl 40 and Pre bis?

Thats not L2P mate

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Thats what we expect from a bald paladin player, im pretty sure you will have trouble getting off the chair when the time comes

Love it when people just talk complete crap out their rear lol.

They have the data.

It probably show people leaving before hitting 40.

This is all for player retention and to keep them in the game