XT-002 Deconstructor Tuning Coming Later Tonight -- 31 January

Later tonight, we intend to reduce the difficulty of XT-002 Deconstructor on Hard Mode via a hotfix.

We’ll let you know the details of the tuning here when it goes live, and you’ll find it in our hotfixes update thereafter.

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It do be appreciated

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ok kaivax i like it

I hope this isn’t a “Vashj + KT” style of nerf.

The neft will most likely be for 25m as for 10 its quite doable

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Probably gonna just be a HP nerf. The enrage is just brutal. Seeing as 0 guilds killed it so far.

Probably gonna be a 20% health nerf. It’s still gonna be the hardest enrage to beat.

They should have left it as is, the real world first. Being real though, XT was one of the first hardmodes we did back in 2009, it wasn’t one of the harder ones. Ulduar saw nerfs as early as the first night after release, I don’t think anyone saw some versions of the fights.

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I hope for a big nerf because i don’t want to wait 33 weeks to get my BIS because Blizzard think knows better than me what is “fun” for me.

…Fun for YOU? This game isn’t just for you.

+1 dollar.

1299 dollars.


Why do you care about getting your “BIS”? I raided the entire of T7 cleared fully every week and was 6-7 items from my “BIS” itemset. Fun in the game isn’t dictated by having easy access to your best items. If that’s how it is for you that’s fine, but it’s far from it for me.

For me loot is just a means to an end, for a lot of people I play with the same is true.

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I wonder how big of a nerf they will do. I don’t think any guilds have gotten it below 30% before hitting berserk currently

It reminds me of that dog with ball in its mouth … (no take, only throw)

Plz buff, no not that hard …

Because :

  • 1 Ok i like the progression but i also like to enjoy my stuff once i’m full. And because there was not enough loot per boss on P1, i couldn’t enjoy it because i started Ulduar wihout being full BIS.

  • 2 Because i’m here for Warcraftlogs and i remember so well when many top Hunters got the gun the first or second weak while i have seen it only ONCE in every P1 this is so insane. And when the next phase is release, it’s too late for parse.

So, with the beautiful RNG game design that Blizzard like, If in addition they make it worse by artificial timegating like Retail, where is the fun here.

Nobody said that we should get full BIS day one, but at least in 3 months and not 33 WEAKS LOL

How many guild killed Iron Council in Hard Mode the first weak ? It’s a difficult boss you reserve and entire night for it for what ? 1 fékin HM loot youhou. The reward is absolutely not proportional to the effort of the guild. And so many time i heard from Classic community that to get rewards to have to works and do efforts.

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“Hey guys, we know you been crying about not getting your bis items within 1 week from a boss, here you go”. You promised us pre nerf ulduar, but just because players dont kill it in 1 week you think its valid for a nerf.
Brian Birming also said they’d like to see people returning in later phases and kill certain bosses.

This is not pre nerf ulduar, we got buffed gear and XT nerfed twice.
This also feeds the retail andys cringe trolling about classic being to easy, prob them that asked for nerf.

This is catering to that demon hunter in this forum who thinks its his right to get his items in 2 weeks. Blizzard doing the same mistake they did back in the days, catering to the wrath babies.

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Parsing isn’t about having BIS loot. I didn’t get Betrayer until late on and I only got 1 of them in T7, I also didn’t get Malygos chest, the Sapph 25man neck and a few other pieces, but I had a well balanced and optimised set, I also averaged 99% across the tier and I’m trending towards that in Ulduar too.

Not getting full BIS is the normal default, getting full BIS in a tier is unusual. I’ve been playing this game for over 15 years and I think I have had full bis during a tier maybe once, ever. Who actually plays the game thinking they need full bis so they can parse? Utterly ridiculous and meme worthy.

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You can’t parse correctly if everyone have a better stuff than you, or others are just noob.

How can you parse better at the same skill if you have a lower stuff ? Magic ?

On my side i can’t, when other can do more damage only with auto-attack.

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Parsing isn’t about having personal BIS gear, it’s about

  1. Raid comp
  2. Raid average ilvl/gear
  3. Raid average skill level
  4. Raid strategy + DPS distribution.
  5. Resulting overall kill time
  6. Personal skill
  7. Personal gear
  8. Personal RNG.

I’ve never had full BIS gear, also never had trouble parsing well. If I wanted to parse even better I wouldn’t be looking for better gear, I’d be looking for a more ambitious guild that runs less healers and has tighter strategy/execution. Gear doesn’t matter that much other than a general motivation to gradually improve it over time.


Ok then you can prove us that you can be top player with your Naxx gear on Ulduar then right ? :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to see that.

And, please, stop trying to explain me how to parse and listing like if i didn’t know all of that.

So for anyone interested, the nerf is already live on US realms and its pretty hard.

You now need to burst down like 26 million HP on HM including the heart.

The nerf numbers are in, they dumped it by about 50% which means it has 11million less HP than it did in 2009 after the final nerf where it was already easy. This is gigantic, it’s probably the easiest hardmode now.

What you mean like literally every guild was a week ago? You can check my logs anyway, Quattro on Gehennas. Not even close to BIS during T7, not even close to T7 BIS going into T8.

Check any fight rankings, you see plenty of people in the top 10 with less than ideal items in some slots. The rank 1 Warrior on Cat Lady is an asian player using 2 hit rating trinkets, an objectively worse setup than everyone else in the top 100, his weapons are great but the other Warrior in my guild has better weapons and about the same gear otherwise.

Parsing isn’t about gear.