[Ye Olde Gits] Friendly raiding guild looking for new members

Are you looking for a mature, friendly community with a passion for heroic raiding and terrible jokes? Ye Olde Gits might be the guild for you! We raid 3 nights a week and welcome both dedicated and casual members of all ages.

Our core raiding team is comprised of over 10 AOTC raiders, with regular more casual members joining in for a good time. We do not exclude non-core members, we aim to create a welcoming and forfilling raid experience for all!

We also enjoy relaxed banter and off-topic chats on Discord, as well as regular non-progression based activities, such as legacy transmog hunts and achievement runs.

If you feel this speaks to you and would like to get to know the community better, you can reach me in-game. Whisper or send an in-game mail to Angrathar-Hellfire for more information!

Alternatively, you can find us on the guild finder by searching ‘Ye Olde Gits’.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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