Yeah so killing 10 ally in wm


So seeing this DH with 77k health…
“fair deal” i tought…

I did attack him without defensive cds used on ppl wiht gear closely to mine…
but WOW…
How the F can a DH nuke me down, while i seem to hit him with wet nudles???

I even attacked a warlock who was afk…200k health and MY GOD the time it took to get him down…WHILE HE WAS AFK!!! I bet i saw absorbed like 90% of the time. And while he had 1hp left he started lifedrain and obv outhealed my dmg… …


I kinda made me think, “this game is so shutty atm”… :smiley:

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I found a DH with like 125k health, started him and easily brought him to around 20%, when he suddenly turned on me and did me so much dmg that he forced me to go on defensive and start healing myself. Well a retri pala is not a thing to easily go down, but while I was on defensive he also regained enough of his hp, so we continued on equal terms, and my surprise attack was wasted. His low gear was a thing so I could easily take him down to low hp again, but the dmg he did to me was severe - no matter my gear. Another ally came and finished him off, for which I regret, it was an interesting battle.

In comparison to disc - with my gear I can’t do a thing to him. Nothing, exactly as you said hitting him with wet nuddles.

So yes, some classes are ridiculously OP compared to others. DH’s make a lot of dmg and you as rogue don’t have enough self healing to withstand his burst…and 1v1 sadly it’s very difficult. IMO your best role is support in group battles, but your support can be essential - you will sit for example on a healer and not let him cast. Which might win the battle for your entire group.

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DHs have insane burst damage and really good healing,their sustain can go toe to toe with a blood DK for a long time,but unlike blood DKs,they actually hit really hard.

I think the issue is that they have incredible leech during their burst (metamorphosis) and that eye beam grants them meta for 8 seconds (on a 30 seconds CD)

For melee classes,due to blade dance they have extremely high average dodge,rivalling a BrM monk


And alliance always asks why horde don’t 1v1 lol?

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There are two types of players, be them horde or ally - the first qq’s about whatever can come to your mind (why horde does him 40 vs 1, why alliance has too big bonus, and all the qq topics seen here), the second accepts wpvp as it is. I personally do not complain and do not ask questions why horde does this or that. In wpvp it’s whatever happens at the moment.


Never see any real 1vs1 in outdoor (except only very not popular or low lvl zones). Wpvp is always different amount of ppl (both - horde and alliance side).

Looks like posts like this about “honest duels in wpvp” writing ppl, that play with wm off and never meet real wpvp.

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Nah, there’s only one person who does that. :wink:

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