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Hello Connected Realms!

Sorry to break the mandatory silence and throw words into the abyss, potentially waking nothing and summoning only the mild desire to itch my nose, but anyone else HYPED for cross-realm guilds?

I say this as I have left Draenor and whilst I deeply enjoying posting in Trade chat on Emeriss and then feeling mild guilt five minutes later when my post is still there, this can only be a good thing, right? Right.

In any case, Burn Notice has landed. We’re a small guild, we’re made up of AOTC raiders and grizzled mythic veterans who now just want to pick flowers and be peaceful murderhobos in an orderly fashion. If anyone’s flirting with the idea of a community, they’re welcome.

I’d just like to shout out to the Ministry of Silly Wipes as well, they’ve been kind enough to sub our profession requests until we can get sorted on here.

I do see that most posts are one hit wonders on here, but keep your chin up gamers! Season 4! War Within! Kobolds with CANDLES!

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