You all knew what was coming

So stop crying about these long queues



Imagine being so dense as to expect a smooth launch and properly working servers with no disconnects or any queues. Just imagine… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


To be fair I dont think it’s ever been this bad


Sharding is the only solution to this, so… idk why are people whining on forums. This is exactly what i was expecting.

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18d before release:

also 18days before release:

14 days before release:

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How is sharding going to help to increase sever cap, there is really nothing much to expect.
1)They increase server cap, which might make servers unstable
2)They make more servers and somehow manage to move people.

But I personally think it will be third
3)They will be stubborn and we will ahve long long queues , for long long time, till people just leave because they can’t play the game.

“No phasing!” they said.
#nochanges they said.

So we got neither - if you expected some magical way to not queue, you really didn’t understand how it works :slight_smile:

(I’m fine with the queues. It won’t last more than a few days, and it means affected servers will have a healthy population in some weeks when the shine has worn off.)


You try to sell a huge mistake and exorbinant underestimation as a “Classic Experience”

Yep there is no Phasing, No Changes. That also means there should be a Playercap like back in Vanilla. Between 2500 and 5000 Players. To Launch Classic with 21 Realms for EU/RU, which is a capacity of 105.000 Players, while Blizzard has seen Twitch Viewer Numbers above 200k in a Beta, is just a mistake.


I personally dont expect a miracle, i cant change anything right now. Just a open Statement by Blizzard.

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oh rly, and blizzard didn’t knen what was coming? Why there were doing stress tests? All they preparing was useless

The question here is,how did you expect with no sharding,raised server capp a smooth launch,since every single launch was a disaster aside of Legion and BFA,that had all of those for good reasons.
For me its mostly a question of intelligence of certain people (common sense) posters who expected anything but diffreint outcome ,not to mention people who rolled on higher pop servers and now whine about quees.

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All the preparing was business.

No don’t give me that insert x bad word here

How can you blame the playerbase for this ?
Blizz KNEW millions wanted to play classic so they initially ONLY MADE 2 PVP SERVERS

Just as an example 1 million / 10,000 = 100

To be fair, not everyone would have known.

I agree. Everyone was warned times and times again. Blizzard could have said “you must go level on a low pop server because later we will consolidate the realms”. But they did not say it and everyone naturally wanted to be where everyone is, hopping for the best. Now it’s going as in the previous launch and the swat team is watching somewhat amused. It’s all smooth! :))
Still Blizz has to fix it and I’m curious what are they going to do about it?

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Wod launch was worse


They just kept inventing reasons to be on those full servers…

We did get phasing, we even got dynamic respawns. What are you on about?

It’ll all be forgotten by this time next week you know…

So much fuss about transient things.

Phasing is story progressed zone content,and it was first implemented in Wrath,so we cant get phasing in Classic.It’s sharding what people mix up.Same as people still dont know the diffreince between realm and server.
We dont need sharding.Layering if pop is fixed by the time of phase two will work out.
But you cant have people crying about quees and they joined high pop realm and they dont want to move from them cause they have a lvl 3-5 on that realm.
Just like the case of US everyone is on Feralina and nobady wants to move or switch,but they will come and cry about it on the forums.

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Blizzard indeed made a mistake by releasing just a few servers to start with. they were not prepared for all of us. But that doesnt take away the fact that people could have moved to other less populated servers.