You all now should reroll Shammy for pvp now

GJ incompetent Blizz. You cant make good change. You always make trash class into god mode winnig 1vs 2. How is that possible in the AI times u have so incompetent workers?


Current mantra seem to be release class balance every 1 or 2 week to see how it goes. Shaman gonna be nerfed, it’s impossible they stay in this state. Enh + Ele gonna be hard nerfed.

But yeah, they should rethink 2 time what they do about balance. They said “incremental change”, they add big damage on something, major nerf on something else, and they keep doing this every 2 week - it’s slow and it’s not incremental at all - theses should be everyday.

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Enh already got nerfed by reverting its Loyal Beta


They should accept the fact that they won’t be able to balance the classes for both pvp and pve, and let one of them be a complete mess.

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What is this meta reroll mentality all the time? Can’t cope someone scales a bit better at this level?

Unless you’re some elite top 1% player, there will always be someone better, regardless of class. Just play what you like.

People just annoyed it’s not them being top all the time… great mentality…


Let me guess you said the same thing about spriest ?
Only the really bad players come cry on forums when they die
You need to change games


its not about PVE bro. If some classes are doing not balance dps its not a drama cause u still kill the boss but if u play pvp and got rekt without using single ability thats the story !

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It will never be balanced, just enjoy your class being on top when it is. Which is very short because people will instantly call for nerfs. Nerfs happen faster than some players even get to enjoy their classes moment in the limelight.


You can just admit you play Shaman you know

Jeezas why u are so stupid?
The balance can be done, they can just press spell before adding it to the game…
But they are just so incompetent. They are not specialist, just random ppl doing their job.
Its not the same Blizz anymore, its a bunch of new workers without skills and exp

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True aggrend has only been with blizzard for like 15 years now, basically just started.

I don’t play shaman. Warrior whining after being top DPS in phase 1 gets old fast though.


Sorry I forgot how easy it is to balance, wish you worked at Blizzard so you could fix it.

Its balanced he just doesnt understand the game.

The thread is literally about PvP, no one mentioned PvE at all.
Warriors still live rent free in your head ROFL

Take a break and touch grass.


What you on about? It was their turn to be top dog for a while.

A warrior never stood a chance to beat an ele shaman in Vanilla, it doesn’t stand a chance to beat one now either. Nothing changed, it wasn’t one of the favorable matches.

They can go ahead and nerf away both specs but ele isn’t really a spec that does unavoidable damage, every hard hitting spell has a cast time with low to mid ranges. Both specs are vulnerable to CC and being sat on. Both specs have no hard CC to speak of, if you get hit by Lava Bursts on the regular and you whine about it… that is just you admitting you are doing it wrong.

I run constantly into rogues and warriors not bothering to interrupt at all or losing their interrupt to the weakest fake cast attempt, these players will keep whining.


i thought rogue is now the biggest op Spec for every Forum Player?

Interrupts can miss, be parried or dodged.

No there’s no chance, if you claim ele shamans were good on their own in vanilla, I understand why they all run with both tank runes in PvP.

but wasnt in orginal classic ele shaman completely broken in Bg´s with Bwl/aq40?