You are an evel korean


I’m very disappointed in wow community nowadays. At least, on that server.
During my 5 weeks of playing, I was NEVER being attacked by same lvl, not saying 1v1, and not when I fight mobs. Well, once in STV. That’s all.

And that’s fine by it’s own - I used to think, that horde side is for angry kids. Allaince, on other side, are awful autistic cowards. Help someone you see being attacked? Nah, I have some quests to do. I will be killed next the same way: alone, outnumbered and outlevelled, but duh. Gather up, kick horde asses camping dungeon entrance? Nah, better to sneak in, dying several times like a sheep - but who cares?

I think, Blizzard should not bring honor system. It must be reworked.

Unhonor for horde. They have no honor at all.
Cowardonor for alliance. They have no honor either.

Go, start blaming and making fun of me. You all know I’m right.


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