'You chose a pvp server so deal with it'

I see multiple threads about the current ganking going on and how bad this Phase 2 is for Classic. I agree, personally did not have much trouble with the opposite faction yet; possibly because i’m not in the 50’s so far.

But then I see the dumb comments of people who are most likely in the faction that is highly represented on their realm; ‘You chose a PVP server so deal with it’ ‘Its like jumping into a lake and complaining that you are wet’.

This does not make any sense, no one chose to join a server to be ganked by 10 people waiting at the flightpath. This accounts for both horde and alliance. I joined a PVP server because I imagined epic (equal) fights in front of SW, Orgrimmar, Undercity, Ironforge or wherever.

If you are of opinion that this is normal/good for the game, I would like to know how or why.


A worried player


You get bad fights, good fights. You also get bad people and fair people in pvp servers. The server just sets the rules to how you can act on the server. Camping is the worst form of pvp but it happens seldomly for me since im moving in smaller groups most of the times. I agree with the blunt statement by some people that you chose which server you play on therefore getting the full spectrum of a pvp server.

Now i think it will calm down soon enough and we will have ganking by huge groups as interest will wane quite abit for the normies.

It’s impossible to play as a Alliance at the moment. I know that this is a PVP server but this is not healthy for the server in the medium and long run… Horde and Alliance will suffer with this kind of full world camping.

Reaching 60 will be like a marathon now and that’s not for me.


You are pretty close though, keep at it! it cant be like this for too long. I could be wrong however.

It’s not possible to travel by boat and some FP are camped, even if i move to dungeons it’s a nightmare to reach the entrance.

For someone that have limited time to play it’s far from fun and i prefer to invest my time in other game (ex.my steam back log :slight_smile:) . Maybe this will get better in P3 or in some weeks but now i’m going to cancel my subscription and wait for better days.

Holy priest so perpetual target. PVP is fun in equal numbers, griefing is not. Being prevented from travelling anywhere due to large groups camping FP’s or the boats means my game time is pointless. logging only for raids now, not the only one on alliance expressing this.

That’s your problem right there. The thing you imagined is more likely to be found in Alterac Valley. Even there, I’m afraid, you will be charging across the snow fields on your ram and 5 people will kill you despite you being alone.

PVP is not balanced or fair in WOW.

Camping a FP isn’t even efficient to get honor… if the people that land don’t hit anything, they’re honorless targets for 30s. The real cancer is camping the boats: you auto-rez when it loads and you have like no chance whatsoever.

I’ll admit I’ve done it, though… because you pretty much have to to keep up with the others that do it 24/7. That’s just the sad reality of how the ranking system works. I prefer soloing or duoing, but then you just get run over by a 5+ man raid every single time. Yesterday I ran around by myself for 6 hours in Felwood and Winterspring and I found a total of 3 people who were also alone.

Frankly, I kind of wish I was Alliance right now, then I would at least find people to fight. I don’t mind engaging in a 1v2 or 1v3. Now I’m forced to run around in 5-man groups fighting over scraps :frowning:

Take the free transfer to Bloodfang, it’s basically the same… except you can actually play the game because the faction balance is close to even. Actual PVP happens here rather than the endless Horde zerg that exists on Flamelash.

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Horde camp Menethil to Theremore. Theres no place to do it as Alliance because the zepplins take you to Non pvp flagged areas. Both wetlands and Duskwallow are tagged for PvP which gives horde a bigger advantage. Alliance would camp ships too if they could.

Nah it’s not lol. Unless you’re going for rank 14, you don’t have to do lame things.

Some of us might want to because we enjoy it, but at least let’s be honest about it :slight_smile:

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oh my god gloombox I remember you from 2 months ago camping low levels in Darkshore haha!

Yep! Soon as I hit 40 I camped out in Darkshire for a while to spook the lowbies. Great fun.

Considered doing it again when I hit 60 but couldn’t bring myself to do it with the imbalance like it is.

World of Warcraft Classic

If you do not wish to engage in regular PvP combat in Classic, select a Player versus Environment (PvE) realm.

PvE realms offer a limited and structured environment for PvP encounters. Players on PvE realms can actively choose when they wish to engage in PvP combat by enabling or disabling their PvP flag at will.

The following actions may be considered dishonorable but are considered legitimate PvP tactics and will not be addressed by our Game Master staff:

  • Corpse camping.
  • Tricking players into getting flagged for PvP (i.e. jumping in the middle of another player’s area effect spell).
  • Killing players well below your level.

Nothing in life is fair, assuming equal fights is the same situation here.
You need to work for it, all these posts are just a “is the glass half full or half empty”.
Back in vanilla these situations were handled by the honor and respect of guildies, if someone raid ganked you and camped you, your guild would come to help. The fact that you cant do that, says something about your guild so the real worry you should have is your decision of that particular guild.

It’s supposed to be a war game and P2 is where the world war began, you had P1 to prepare for it.

Sorry for being very strict but theres so many people seeing this from the wrong view, respect eachother, help eachother and work together as a unit.

Vanilla isn’t the same as Classic.

we don’t have the luxury of choice, there’s exactly one guild that is still breathing on Alliance side, suggesting those players have no respect or honor because they can’t muster up players out of the ether takes some serious balls.

your view is distorted because you’re playing PvE on a 5/95 realm, you make idealistic commentary about people banding together to overcome the enemy faction because that’s a realistic option for YOU, when you’re confronted with a 20-man decked out goon squad outside Ogrimmar and you do a /who to see there’s a whopping total of 3 lvl 60’s online, you wouldn’t be Lok’tar Ogar’ing yourself into the blender and tell us how you solo’d an entire raid out of sheer willpower and comradery.


Ehh I think ur misunderstanding something bud, this refers to before the transfers, as you can see the post is from nov. 16th and there was many guilds at that time available to help. :slight_smile:

e: besides I get the feeling that leftover is doing more work helping eachother out than any other guild did when they were here correct me if I’m wrong? I havnt done much PVP since like week 2 into P2

That’s some class A BS if I’ve ever seen some. People that engage in a competitive system are competitive? Who’da thunk?! :rofl:

Pretty much everyone wants those epics as soon as possible, and I’m not even talking about the weapon, let’s at least be honest about it :slight_smile:

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