You didnt fix the mend pet issue with wild call during ptr?

I reported it many times over the 10.2 PTR but the bug is still here on live! When you use wild call, mend pet gets bugged as revive pet.


Not only!!! If pet dies the very same button won’t ress the pet. I had to create another button just for the ress as well as mend pet.

We need this fixed quick :frowning:

Yes agreed i was so confused what’s happen to mend pet that iw was looking to find patch notes or something to confirm it wasn’t deleted

Yes i was confused too today because i didn’t read anything about the patch and mend pet and revive used to share the same slot but now it does not work anymore. I need to take a slot to revive and another for mend or is actually a bug?!

Ah - so I am not going nuts! Couldn’t understand how the button was making out I needed to ress my pet, but it was there quite happily attacking the mob :thinking:
…. Just seen a note that there is a temp fix :+1:

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