You find yourself in Azeroth!

As you’re going about your business your vision blurs, you rub your eyes and as soon as you are done you find yourself in Azeroth!

You find that you are looking exactly as yourself but with features that resembles the race you main ( Blood elves get BE eyes and ears, orcs get orcish jaws, skin and ears, humans nothing, dwarves shorter and wider, gnomes smaller etc )

The time is just after your race joined their respective faction ( Blood elves in tbc, orcs in classic, ) no one recognizes you and the place you start in is some road at an market area in your main city.

You do not have any powers, the only thing going for you is your knowledge of world of Warcraft history and your knowledge of our world, your bodily capabilities are the same as the ones you have irl and you cannot cast magic or learn it.

What do you do!?


Doing courier quests to earn some money, so Roleplaying started, talk to each “npc” there ^^

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I would scream.

Havent you seen the series of catastrophes azeroth faces over and over again. Survival chance is minimal.

Also… I would likely then become a doomsayer. I wonder how long it would take for anyone to notice that things I say seem to become real.


Nope, that won’t do. I want my muscular male body, otherwise it is not fair.

I would go to Pig and whistle, order a beer or two and think what the heck is going on and what to do next. Probably I would try to find Khadgar, perhaps he can help me somehow


Humans gain nothing? I should gain atleast 50 kgs in muscle judging by how my warrior looks!


race up to jaina and murder her as painfully as possible. Then, if shout “youre welcome” and all races colours and creeds would race up to me and garland me in every fruit and flower they could find, as the horror was finally over … finally, we could rejoice and live out our dreams in joyous glee. The world was freeeeee, freeee of the nightmare that is jaina, the horrible storylines, the terrible voice acting, the godawful dialogue that makes no sense, the terrible haircut that looks like someone stuck a st Bernard behind each ear … we could finally all live in peace and harmony… rejoice rejoice, that pointless inconsequential witch was dead. REJOICE

that’s what id do


I’d savour the moment, It’s not everyday you become a Glorious Gnome.


I head straight to goldshire


I would look for Gm Island and a hearthstone. :smile:


That’s cheating!!! :rofl:


I would start to work on Teldrassil with some sort of fire proof finishing agent.


Get killed by paladins during events that occured in plaguelands because Arthas is a bully!

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I don’t really have a main, but one of the chars I play the most at the moment is a male night elf…

I think I would find a mirror or some still water so I can look at myself :smirk: Nelves have abs and are tall, the opposite of me :expressionless: I guess I could spend some time looking at myself before I start to cry because I can figure out where I should go :persevere:


Deathknight’s certainly are a unique case for this one, same goes for demon hunters.

But I think we can exclude classes so you’d probably be a regular orc with arthas having no interest in killing you :stuck_out_tongue: unless you manage to get yourself ghouled sometime later that is.

Well lets pretend Arthas does not pull the stunt and send us to die, then I would probably join the rfest of the death knights murdering and killing…

… oh … darn… but i would most certainly look good as night elf, and nothing regular on me !

But would you be doing it unwillingly or … :slight_smile: ?

Well if I answer this truthfully alphabet agencies would contact Blizzard for my address. :sob:

But :thinking:
if I was on my goblin, I would spend a lot of time flapping those adorable huge ears :yum:

And then I would find a shop, maybe that racial for best deal works :wink:


not meaning to sound blue but i would just throw myself off bridge or jump into sea if the imbalance would still be in the world i awoke in… :expressionless: would not wish to be a part.

I would have said i would go to darnassus and just live with elves but no even that gone now so i would not bother…

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First thing I’d probably be saying… now what I’d do… uh… I dunno probably explore.