You find yourself in Azeroth!

Stare at my boobs and wish mine irl were more like my chars.


Most likely tell someone what’s going to happen, wait for everyone to realise I was right and become a giga fake far-seer and become respected while never leaving the safety of the drag

I’d die, because of;

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Probably commit suicide.

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with it in the state it is in yes i do understand it.

Buy a gun and shoot anyone with a store mount.


I wonder if we would know how to open our bags or even summon a mount :thinking:

I have a lot of gold, but I have no idea how to enter my bag :no_mouth:

Well I don’t think 1 damage will matter to people with 500k hp, and since no one will question the HERO for killing a no name human who shot at them… I’d say your chances of survival is near 0%… well let’s hope the hero atleast loots you.

You don’t spawn as your character, just the same race as it is :stuck_out_tongue: with features that resembles the race, so if someone who knows you irl looked at you they’d be like that’s definitely the Moothilda I know from irl but the tauren version!

So someone who mains an orc and weighs 50 KG would be an orc weighing 50 KG!

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Well that saves me the frustration from trying to open those bags :smile:

But it does makes me wonder, as someone who doesn’t have a main, would I become a mash-up from the races or the last played :thinking:

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Probably the char with your most time spent on will be picked! or you get to choose the race you want to be!

Personally I’d choose orc if I was able to choose! I love them <3, however I’d probably spawn as a blood elf since I main one and played blood elves the most.

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oh man, i would roll around in mulgores meadows all day long. :heart:


I would continue grinding gold for the soon-to-be-removed Caravan Brutosaur.


Chocolate cookies for everyone!



What would that even look like… if I think about my chars it’ll be some freaky orc, elf, forsaken hybrid :thinking: :face_vomiting:

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  1. Was I even hit by a truck first ?

  2. Do I get a harem ?

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Probably get drunk

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That kinda sucks tbh.

Exactly, for a short moment I had such a vision too nelf, goblin, tauren, dwarf :grimacing:

Edit: Lets hope I get an amazing long dwarf beard to cover up the most of the horrible being I have become :expressionless:

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I’d log out. Knowledge of magic being possible but transferred into a fantasy world with no possibility of learning said powers? Some sort of muggle? No thanks, blarrg :frowning:


I think it’s much more interesting than spawning as an OP hero :smiley:

Humans were at a huge disadvantage when we started on earth but adapted awesomely, I think our ability to adapt is a very awesome racial trait :smiley:

10/10 <3 who wouldn’t wanna get smashed in an azeroth tavern and witness a brawl.

I’d definitely utilize my hearthstone skills to get some $$$